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Finally Started on Website

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We finally got rates from the TA and sent those out to people. I've been kinda putting off doing the whole website thing, but now, since the rate have been sent out with STD, people will have more questions.


It's a little weird that we sent out rates so early and with the STD, since it means that if they do go, then that's essentially their RSVP - without an invite.


Oh well, the rates were too good to pass up, but flights aren't out yet...


I figure, when I send out invites, I will have those more focused on the AHR, because by then we would already know the majority of those who would be coming to MX.


Sounds complicated, but I'm hoping it will just work itself out.


Having some writers block on a couple of the pages...."our story" and "bride & groom" what's the difference? how to i do our story without being cheesy?


I think it's time for some sleep. Maybe it'll come to me tomorrow.



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