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Planning, Planning, and more Planning!

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So much has happened since my last blog post (well not really, but it seems that way).


I've picked a resort. 99.999999% sure it will be the Barcelo Maya Palace. The WC there (Claudia) has finally started returning my emails, I've received the 2010 packages, and things are looking up!


We are spending a bit more than planned but it will be better in the long run (I hope). We're doing the beach reception which is spendy but sounds soooooo fabulous!


I had a travel agent but fired her because the whole thing was a sham and I was completely lied to. Not getting into it but I think that I can help my friends/family book and/or they can use their own TA to book their travel.


My fiance and I opened up a joint checking account (yowza's!). I'm normally 50000% against joint accounts but this one has the sole purpose of being the "wedding account" so I feel like it's okay. Neither of us will be withdrawing $$ from it without talking to the other person first (I hope that he consideres Jimmy Choo shoes a 'wedding expense' lol)


Anyway I've also narrowed down my photographer to 3 choices and hopefully once I finalize the date with the Barcelo, I can choose which photographer I want. They're all currently available for my date and they all have fab portfolio's so I'm torn as to who to pick.


OK that's it for now. I do have a twitter account i set up for our wedding planning -- feel free to follow -- Katie and Matt (matt_kt_wedding) on Twitter

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i agree.. that a shared acct is a great idea ! i will be doing that asap !

Originally Posted by msjulie5475 View Post

Thank you for the idea of the shared account for the wedding.


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