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townie princess

Finally decided on our resort

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So we went to the travel agent today to get the prices for the Ocean Blue & Ocean Sands, and EdenH for departures from Regina, Calgary & St. John's.


I'm beginning to think there's discrimation against the east. Most of the tour operators won't fly out of St. John's or Halifax until March! I guess they don't want to deal with shuffling passengers and flights due to blizzards.


So our travel agent made a few phone calls and found out that Sunquest will fly out of Halifax (and Regina & Calgary) for EdenH, so she's checking out a group rate for us.


Even still, the price is way more than we had orginally thought, by $400 more!


Once we got home, we did a search on the travel agency's website and found packages for a lot cheaper, like $700 cheaper! They're with Air Transat, which our TA already said she's relucant to book with because they keep changing their flights.


I'm not sure what we're going to do next. We sent our TA an email to see if she'll deal with Transat. I don't think anyone can afford to come to our wedding if it costs more than $2000 pp.


Ugh. Where's that glass of wine?

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*hands you a huge-ass glass of wine*

Sorry you're not having much luck with the prices. I did some searching for you a few days ago & basically came up with nothing! I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out for you guys!!

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