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Becky's Planning Bio - Save the Dates

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Here are the STDs we sent out to our guests. We knew almost right after we got engaged that we wanted to have a destination wedding in Jamaica. With our school schedule (and my desire to be married before graduation)... January 2009 (the 1st-10th) was our option.


With guests from different countries and at very different points in life... we wanted to get out the notice ASAP so that they could work into their schedules and budget.


By January 2008 we had pretty much decided we wanted to be married at ROR on January 5th 2009. However, for those of you familair with ROR know... reserving weddings at the start of a New Year takes forever. So unlike most peoples our STDs were a bit nonspecific.... with a week instead of a day and a maybe for the resort. I am very glad we went this route though... because it was defintely necessary so our friends could start saving and people could get off work!


Here are the postcards we sent to everyone we were inviting






And here are the magnets we sent only to close friends and family who might actually want us on their fridge. :)




We also included a letter explaining the situation outlined above. I got some of the wording from someone on here (thanks!) and tweaked it to my needing. I think the guests appreciated it. Who knows though. It saved from getting a lot of questions... with forwarding everyone to our website we are able to keep them updated on our new plans.


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