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My brother & SIL are going to be the death of me

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#1 azhuskergirl

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    Posted 27 March 2008 - 08:10 AM

    Long story short, right around Christmas my older brother & I had a big fight...not a fight really, I just decided to stop enabling his drinking & overall behavior. He doesn't take any responsibility for anything & I'm done dealing with it/bailing him out/etc. Anyhoo......Easter was the first family get together since the fight. First, my SIL didn't attend because she's on the lemon juice fast. Go, forbid a workout comes into the picture, but I digress (that really has nothing to do with why I'm pissed, but it's funny). So, I overhear my brother tell my fiance that they are flying into Maui on Thursday morning. Stopped me in my tracks. To which I replied "You do realize our wedding is at 9:30am" (on Thursday folks!). Yeah, apparently they'll be in Oahu (she's going to schedule some work, so that they can get her flight paid for by the company as well as the hotel in Oahu. Now, I understand wanting to make the trip as inexpensive as possible, but c'mon....you're going to board a flight 3 hours before your only sister's wedding begins?!?!? Nice. Good thing we're not having a REHERSAL dinner! Sorry for the rant, I'm just completely annoyed that they can't be bothered to arrive the day BEFORE my wedding.

    #2 ErinB


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      Posted 17 May 2008 - 07:50 AM

      I am so sorry! I've decided that weddings make you realize how stupid, inconsiderate, and self-centered your friends and family are. I wonder if this happens so you realize how great it is that you are about to start a life with a normal person and get the hell away from them?

      Sorry for my own rant! If it makes you feel any better, we have all been there.

      #3 azhuskergirl

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        Posted 17 May 2008 - 12:02 PM

        That's what the blogs are for....ranting! I think the thing that kills me is that they just had their wedding in November & put us all through the paces with their wedding & then they turn around & act so nonchalantly about ours. Pisses me off! Grrrr. Whatever. It's about us, not them,, and the people who really care will be there (more than 3 hours prior to the ceremony).

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