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RANT! I regret booking my best friend's mother as a vendor!!

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Originally Posted by BachataBride View Post
Christie...I just meant have a few friends take pictures!! Or do you have a friend with a nice camera...have them as your "non-paid" backup!

Good luck sweetie...if I was there I'd totes be your "plan B"...not that I'm a great photographer or anything!! wink.gif hug2.gif
Oh, I see what you mean now, Manders! (Actually, my mother-in-law has this really great almost-pro quality Nikon camera and I'm sure she'll be snapping away, so maybe I'll luck out after all!

Thank you for being such a love, and I wish you could be my "plan B", too! love.gif

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Originally Posted by BachataBride View Post


So how did it go?? You had your AHR already right? I hope it went smoothly for you! love.gif


Thanks for asking, lady....and it's actually coming up this Saturday, so I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out!  I appreciate you thinking of me! :)


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So.....my concerns were WELL WARRANTED!!! 


She DROVE me completely and utterly NUTS the week-of the AHR, calling me again and again to re-hash the same information I had already discussed with her, and on the day of the event (which was only 4 hours long, btw!), she kept us outside shooting pictures for well over an hour, when John and I both just wanted to spend time with our guests, most of which we rarely ever see!!!


Finally, I just looked at her and said, "Ok, now this will have to be the last picture...." but she kept trying to do "one more", "one more"!  I didn't want to be rude or snappy with her, but it was getting ridiculous, and I just REALLY hope we end up with some nice photos for all of the irritation this has caused us!!!  censored.gif


Now that she's done taking the pictures, she's probably going to try to sell us a $150.00 matte and frame (which we CLEARLY can't afford!!) again.....gggggrrrrrrr!!

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