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Hi ladies!!


I've looked through a bunch of posts to see if this has been a topic and I can't find it anywhere, so I'm just going to ask....


We are doing STDs/Invites to people that we are inviting to Mexico for the wedding and then we are doing a letter to the rest of our list to let them know what's going on and that we will be doing an AHR next summer following our DW in April 2011. On the Invites/STDs, are you ladies giving a deadline for people to book their trip or are you just leaving it open? If you are giving a deadline, how are you doing it? I asked my TA yesterday if she had a preference, but she doesn't care...people just need to have it all paid by 60 days prior to the date.


Thanks in advance!

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Giving them a deadline is the best way to go so that you can better control the planning process. You will undoubtedly have the last-minute stragglers who book 2 days before departure, but they run the risk that the hotel will be sold out and they will have to stay elsewhere, or the prices have gone up. My suggestion is to plan for a few extra stragglers when preparing your bags, etc., just in case. Most people will honour the deadline, if given one.

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