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My welcome reception and rehearsal dinner are outdoors. When I went for my tasting I made sure that those areas were shaded at the time we were planning to hold those events. My wedding reception will be in the ballroom - I just did not want to risk being miserably hot. Luckily the ballroom has one large wall of glass that overlooks the ocean so I am not comprimising the view.

How do you all plan on traveling with your gowns? Are going to try and bring it with you on the plane?
Yeah that's nice! Right now, I have the outside rooftop booked with the ballroom that overlooks it as a back up. If it is sweltering when I get there, I can move indoors.

Yes, I am going to take it on the plane. I bet your resort will steam it for you if it gets wrinkled. I have heard that the airlines are usually pretty nice about wedding dresses. They will usually put it in the closet in first class.

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