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New England Newbie w/Xcaret Hopes

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Hi all,


Clearly new, name is Tracy (umami most places) and as of today wedding date not officially chosen, but likely October 2011. It seems reasonable given other weddings going on next year.


We'd like to get married in Xcaret Eco Park, but it seems like its expensive not to go through a 3rd party wedding coordinator and regardless of cost we're now going through and figuring who that wedding coordinator should be--I don't speak spanish beyond ordering food or where is the bathroom, so...someone who does speak spanish would be super duper.


Anyway, we'll be visiting Mexico early October this year to check out the location and make sure it is what we think it is. Also we'll be staying at the Occidental (and will be comparing that to Xcaret for location for a wedding) which we want to make sure is indeed family friendly but not off putting for couples only. We'll have predominately couples or families with children in their late teens so we don't want throngs of kids, but if we're having a destination wedding we don't want to say you can't bring your children. That seems restrictive on top of please buy a plane ticket and hotel room.


Anyone that has gotten married at Xcaret or the Occidental please let me know how it went and I'd love to know who you used for a wedding coordinator and photographer.

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Hi Tracy there are quite a few Xcaret brides be sure to use the search bar to find past threads and connect with those brides. Welcome to the forum, good luck and happy planning!

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