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Toronto: Jealous Bridesmaids Bridal Studio

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I recently had an amazing experience at this store in Toronto: Jealous Bridesmaids - Toronto's Wedding Dress and Bridal Boutique. It is comparatively smaller than some of the bigger stores such as Bridal & Beyond, but it was extremely clean and bright, and the personalized service was fantastic. They also carried several Maggie Sotterro dresses, which is the main reason why I went there.


I also came across this 10% off coupon, which expires in August 2010: Google Coupons - Jealous Bridesmaids Bridal Studio - Bridal Store in Toronto It turned out to be a great deal for me, so I just thought I would share.


Happy dress hunting! bride.gif

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place; I was going to put this under bride referrals, but then ladies searching for a dress may miss the coupon before it expires!)

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