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Taking underwater cameras through airport security??

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I was thinking about buying a bunch of underwater cameras for OOT bags. What do you do about keeping them out of the Xray so they don't get ruined? I'd want to check them so they don't take up space in my carry-on. But, if you don't carry them on won't security Xray them? Do they Xray all checked bags?


Is it only film that has been used that gets ruined by the Xray? If so, I can warn guest to take them as a carry on on their way back home & make sure they don't go through the xray.

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Ok well after Ms. High-and-mighty gave her answer she went and looked into it. Here is what I found:


X-ray's don't harm cameras. They harm film. So if your camera is loaded with film - and it should be - your concern should be for the film in it, not for the camera itself.


Will airport X-rays harm your film? Yes, they can...but you usually don't have to worry, according to NYI. Here's why. The X-ray machines in all American airports and most overseas international airports will not harm your film, provided your film is X-rayed just once or twice. So if you're flying to Disneyland or Hawaii or London and back, your film should not be harmed by the airport X-ray machines.


A problem arises, however, if your film is X-rayed more than a couple of times. X-rays are cumulative. The second dose adds to the first. The third to the second. And so on. Eventually, your film will be harmed by the accumulation of X-rays. So if you're going on a multi-leg trip, beware. Insist that your camera and film be hand-inspected on each leg of your journey. Security personnel are required to heed your request in the U.S., and the inconvenience is minor.

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I've only known one person to have a problem. Her vacation pictures from cabo were ruined. She puller her camera out of her bag & the security guy said not to worry about it, it's never messes up the film. So she sent it through the Xray & the pictures wer runied. You can still see them, but they are really red with marks all over them. She has a very nice camera though, so maybe she had expensive film. I'll ask her.


Thanks for the expert advice! What do you think of buying cameras that expired 2 years ago. Will they still work? A lot of sites sell old underwater cameras for cheap.

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Good to know!!


Also, a lesson I learned. . .when they say it only takes pics in bright sunlight, they MEAN it!!! Lol! I tried to take some pics in the hot tub in our room with it (I was on my honeymoon!! and anyway, seemed safer than the digital in case I dropped it! lol!) and not a SINGLE one turned out! It's not like it was pitch black in that room either. But yeah - it only works outside in the bright, tropical sunshine! ;-)

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