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Are Pashminas and Fans only for Women???

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For those of you who are giving pashminas in your OOT bags and/or giving fans as favors (i.e. placing them on ceremony chairs), do you plan to give one to everyone? Am I wrong to think that either are for women only?


I was thinking that I would give pashminas in OOT bags, but only for women guests (?) What would I give to men then? A beach towel?


And then as far as favors, I want to do either sandalwood or asian silk fans...I just can't see my male guests fanning themselves with these LOL! so should I put fans on every other seat?


What are you ladies doing?

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The men will get just as hot at the ceremony so I'll be leaving a fan for everyone on their seats. I'll keep them pretty simple, no flowers, pink etc lol!


Ladies get a pashmina and lots of other items but I'm having hard time with stuff for the guys. Both will be getting Old Navy flip flops and maybe thermal mugs for the guys.

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