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I've been looking for favor tags and didn't realize how expensive they could be. I've seen some that range from 50 cents to $1. It doesn't seem that expensive but it adds up if you need to get tags for a few items.


I found this great site MOO | Custom Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards | moo.com USA and you can create minicards and use them as tags for favors, oot bags. The cool thing is that you get 100 cards for $20 but you can put as many images ( up to 100 different on the cards) but the text will remain the same for all cards. So you can do different images, it's neat. I found a blog that shows a few ways the cards can be used.


My Splendid $10,000 Wedding by Vera Devera: Inspiration #23: DIY Wedding Moo Cards


I just placed an order today so I don't know about the quality but I will share when I get them.

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