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Cabo Brides Post Your Dress Here!!!

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My dress is the Pronovias Fauna. 


I looked EVERYWHERE for a dress I liked, and nothing wow'd me - guess I have high expectations.  Bought the Fauna dress and I'm going to jazz it up by:


- adding a rhinestone belt under the bust

- making it strapless

- lowering the back a little (although a little worried I'm going to have to compromise on support -- however, i've seen other strapless dresses w/ lowered backs so i guess it might just take finding the right alterations place.  Right now the back goes straight across and I don't think that's very flattering.)

- making the dress detachable after the 2nd or 3rd ruffle (ideally, i'd love to dye the dress after the wedding and be able to wear it again, but I hear it's hard to find someone to dye dresses, plus the dye process can shrink it a little. Even if I don't dye it, I'll at least be able to wear the short version again. : )

- some other minor changes, but I don't remember off the top of my head.



Pronovias - Fauna front.jpg



And, since you can never really tell what a dress looks like when it's on a model, here's a pic of me w/ the dress on (strap hidden).


Pronovias - Fauna (6).JPG




The back - which i think is too high.


Pronovias - Fauna (3).JPG


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Apparently my dress is being discontinued so the link to my dress won't work. And the picture of the dress on the model doesn't do the dress justice; I would never have thought about trying on the dress just from the picture of the model. Good thing the wedding consultant just picked this out as one of the 3 dresses for me to try on.  So here's a picture since I just picked up my dress. smile159.gif


photo 3.JPG



This is what the back looks like.





The front. Straps need to be fixed but pretty much fits other than that, and the length. 



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