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How many days for site visit?

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For those of you that did/are doing site visits to Cabo, how long did you go for? What kinds of things did you do on the visit?


We want to go for a long weekend in December and meet with Maye and Juan Carlos, do a tasting at our hotel, maybe a cake tasting, check out rehearsal dinner and brunch venues, etc. Is that too much to try to accomplish in a few days?

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We are leaving Friday AM for our site visit and come home Sunday night. We are meeting w maye and doing tastings at the resort and at our rehersal dinner spot. We have plenty of time in the long weekend. We do have our rehersal dinner spot picked out though so we won't have to go to a bunch of places to figure that out.


You should be fine - just stay focused!

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I agree with Kate, I think you should have enough time.


We did a site visit back in June and stayed for 4 nights. Unfortunately I was really sick so we didn't do much but meet with 1 wedding coordinator. We also realized almost immediately tho that the hotels we were looking at were not for us. So, we're going to do another site visit hopefully in December (hey, it makes a great excuse to travel! wink.gif) We may do 4 nights again so that we can also have a little vacation time but I think you could get everything done in three days if you're on top of it. Have fun!

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