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April 2011 Brides

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Yeah Im not sure how they can do the colors, My real monogram I didnt even use bc I figured it wouldnt come out bc there is so much detail, so I had Rebecca (allurements) who did my monogram, had her come up with something that would work out better and just had here send it to me in all black just to make things easier. But if you purchase them you just have to attach your logo and they will tell you whether or not they can use it.

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thanks I begged one of my IT guys to do it for me and all he wanted was lunch!!!! YAY He is a graphic designer and I gave him somewhat of a template and we went with it.

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Hello everyone.....Sorry that I have been missing for a while.  I have made and posted all of my invites this weekend.  Yay....I know I'm late compared to some of you ladies but I sent out save the day emails then save the cards and now finally my invitations.....I'm still not certain if I'm doing OOT bags, so I'm just checking your post and taking notes.... 


I do feel like something is missing...I have been reading and rereading my checklist and I already think I'm forgetting something. I still have to get the following.. Please let me know what else you ladies have on your to do lists:



Cake Topper

Cake serving set

Guest book

Groomsman and MOH gifts

Jewelry and hair accessories

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Teira, I asked my FI for those flip flops for Christmas and I found it he bought them hehehe, so I'll let you know how they turn out if you havent ordered them already, I had him order the white ones, I'll post pics when I get them......on christmas

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Tenny heres what I still have left to do....... Deep breath lol.......

Purchase Bridemaids Dresses

Purchase Groomsmens Attire

Purchase FI Attire

Decide on Music/Entertainment

Order Thank You Cards

Decide on Wedding Vows

Choose songs for first dance, father daughter dance etc...

Make Salon appointments

Get dress altered when it finally comes in

Get paperwork together for marriage license to send to WC

Book Honeymoon

Work on AHR stuff

Finish up oot bags

Pre-travel Brochures

Finish luggage tags

Purchase Accessories

Finish Welcome books

Shop for bridal party and parents gifts

Purchase something for guestbook

Re-order FI ring

Get my ring re-furbished

Choose Menu

Finalize Schedule with photographer

Finalize Weekend Itinerary


Phew! I think thats pretty much it, I may be forgetting a few small things

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You girls seem so organized with your lists!! I love that!


We are leaving on our trip to Dreams Cancun on April 4th. We are meeting with our outside florist too while we are down there. I love that I have 1 yr and 3 months cause it sure looks like there is so much to do! All of you have been helping me so much with ideas. I feel like a peeper being on your April 2011 brides, I mean after all I am an April 2012 bride! I hope to be way ahead of schedule on everything! We shall see. I can't wait to see all of your great pictures from your weddings that are quickly approaching!!

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