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Site Location "Tour Guide"

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I have decided that since we are soooo confused on picking a location that's right for us we would like to hire someone (if possible) to physically take us around to different locations (hopefully some that we have not even thought of yet!). I've emailed the ladies from Incredible Weddings and Events to see if this is something they'd be interested in and what the cost would be. As we found out last time, doing a site visit can be difficult if you don't know the area and it would be so helpful to have sort of a "tour guide" who not only knows PV but also weddings and has connections in the area.


We'll see what happens!


Also, if you can suggest anyone else in the area that might be open to the idea please let me know - thanks! :)

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Yeah, it is just getting way too confusing for me and I don't wanna waste this trip since it's gonna take almost all our extra cash to go!!! We were planning Aug 10-13 but since I have Mono we're putting it off for awhile. I don't wanna be sick for the SECOND time in Mexico this year! Now we're thinking after Finals in Dec. We'll see. Either that or maybe early Jan. while we're both still on XMas vacation.


Side Note: LOL you got Spam as a gift rofl.gif

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Ok, I don't think she exactly answered my question but they did send a great email back to me shortly. Here it is:


Dear Jaime and Martin,


Thank you very much for your e-mail and Congratulations!


We are truly happy that you are considering Puerto Vallarta as your possible wedding venue!


It is a truly beautiful and magical destination!


Lucie Aubert and My self ( Tamara) have been planning weddings for the past 8 years, we actually moved here from Canada almost 15 years ago, worked in a Resort for several years in group and Events and then finally created Incredible Weddings and events in Puerto Vallarta. Our service is created for the Destination Wedding couple. We understand the need`s of planning a wedding from a distance, the need and desire for a wedding that is not only unique it is also planned with care!


We created the customized events at locations in the entire Bay of Puerto Vallarta, we can boast that we are the only service in Puerto Vallarta that has the Certifications as Wedding Specialist, Congress and Conventions License, we have created over 600 events in Puerto Vallarta and all of our events are directly from referrals, not paid advertising!


We truly put our hearts into the event when we work with the clients on the location that fit`s the budget and vision of the wedding day.


The locations that you are considering are lovely, Dreams Hotel is wonderful it is located on a wonderful beach cover that have a wide beach, plenty of natural vegetation of beautiful tropical trees and flowers. We have had many weddings at this location and work well with the on site group and Event Directors.


The Mayan Palace is another wonderful location that has a incredible beach in Nuevo Vallarta, we have had a few incredible events that allowed us to have the ceremony, cocktails and the reception all on the beach in a private area. We too work well with the Group and events Director .


The Caletas actually has a on site wedding planner and as it is only accessible by boast this would really make sense to directly contact Caletas for this wedding location.


There are many more locations as Puerto Vallarta is a large bay. We can work with you either from beginning assisting you with the actual location search. This means we will work with you on gathering the information on various locations, provide you with the contracts, the floor plans for the entire location set up, We work with the hotel to get the location in place, this seems to be the most difficult part of the planning as not all Locations e-mail promptly unfortunately or they may just have a excess of work and not able to give you the personal attention you need.


This includes the visits ( site inspections when you are in Puerto Vallarta) We will show you how the wedding location can work


Stage two of the planning is actually creating the entire format of the events, the menus, the bar, the music, flowers and decor, photographer, video, salon treatments the schedule, the over all budget. Contracts with all the providers, Contact of the Officiant Legal or spiritual ceremony


Stage three is the final stage of the wedding week, we meet with you the day after you arrive to do a coverage the wedding schedule in case you have any last day changes, rehearsal of the ceremony,enter all documents for the ceremony if a Civil ceremony. We also can assist you and be present if you wish to contract us for additional events such as rehearsal dinners. Then the wedding day, we want you and family to actually relax on this day!! We will be present this day to over see the wedding area set up, the floral delivery ( make sure all is as ordered!) set up of the decor and flowers, send flowers to your room, make sure you get your beauty treatments, have the photographer arrive to your suite in time and take relaxing and beautiful photos of you getting ready, we greet the guest, are with your Bridal party from your room to the ceremony area and guide you, direct all the providers, and we stay until the very end!


This way you do not need to worry that the D.J will play the Funky chicken ( unless you really wanted that) We want you to only enjoy, enjoy , enjoy!! This is your day and as all those who have been married know that the day can go by so quickly so enjoy every second! This is why having your own personal Event planner that knows your personal needs from A-Z is so important!!


I am attaching wedding package that is for the next year, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Warm Regards,


Tamara Bradley de Morales


Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Incredible Weddings and Events

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Jaime! Thats great! Let them know that you are considering the Mayan Palace in the Marina as opposed the the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta, althought, the Marina is sometimes catorgorized as Nuevo Vallarta since it sits on the border.


I'm so excited for you!

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This is what I wrote back to her:




Thank you for the quick response and very informative email!


As of right now we are only looking for a person to take us around

and visit various possible locations. Honestly, we are only looking

at hiring a full service outside WC if we go with an AI resort like

Dreams. We have been in contact with Marco from Mayan Palace and he

seems very capable of handling our needs. Las Caletas is further

down on our list, but like you said they have an onsite WC so if we

decided to go with them we would again decline to have an outside WC.



Would it be possible to hire you just for the site visits? And then

perhaps if we do decide to use you later on we could apply what we

would pay you for the site visit to the cost of the Deluxe Custom

Wedding Package.


Thank you,

Jaime & Martin"


And her response:


"Good afternoon Jaime,


Thank you for your e-mail!


We can certianly at no charge show you the locations that would possible work for our service. Dreams hotel we can tour with you!


Please let us know when it would be convenient for you.


Warm Regards,


Tamara Bradley de Morales"




I must say I am very impressed with her so far! And very pleased that she's willing to show us around for free!

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If you want to do your wedding off site, not at a resort, we had our ceremony & reception at Le Kliff 3 1/2 weeks ago. The place is absolutely awesome! It's one of our favorite places to go when we are there, so we wanted to have our wedding there. They do alot of weddings. The location is where the mountains meet the beach & they have a palapa & a terrace built on the side of a cliff...http://lekliff.com/eng/....I have been to Puerto Vallarta 5 times & my new husband has been going every year since he was 15, so he knows the area really well. There are some really neat places there. If you like something pretty but still kinda uncommercialized, Yelapa is really neat & one of our favorite beaches is in Sayulita. We stayed in Sayulita for our honeymoon. If you want to do it at a resort, Dreams is a really neat one & so is Playa del Sol Grand....

Dreams Resorts & Spas: Unlimited Luxury




Please let me know if I can help you with anything at all!


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