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I'm having trouble finding a wedidng photographer in Negril. Any recommendations?


Has anyone used FG Photography, Darr Photography or Negril Portraits?


Any other suggestions on a budget??



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There are plenty of threads on here. You just have to think of a few things.


Do you want a photographer based in Jamaica?

This can be cheapest. Problem is, they are a pain to get in touch with before and after the wedding. I read about it on this forum, on weddingbee and on the knot dw board.

Do you want a photographer based in the US?

I don't think this is the cheapest option but the expectations that US people have are a lot higher. Most photographers that are used to the US clients shoot for 6-8 hours or more, and give you hundreds or thousands of images. And they all look much nicer. Its just that you have to fly someone down but then you will probably have an easier time dealing with them after the wedding. I think it is safer to have a contract with a US photographer anyways.

Do you want one of the photographers that works for the resort?

This is probably the easiest way to go with no fuss. From a lot of the packages they are very limiting. Like how many pictures you get and the resort handles it all so I don't know how it works if there is a problem.

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Originally Posted by negrilbridetoo View Post
We hired Misha Earle and here is her site:
Misha Earle Photography
I was interested in Mischa...contacted her about a month ago and she's already booked for my date--a year and a half away!! She must be good! lol

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