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Air Jamaica sale

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Ugh - our direct flights both to and from our wedding were canceled by AJ as they wont be flying to Chicago after april. So, we have to find another airline entirely and now will have to have stop-overs. And we have to add an extra night at the resort so that we dont completely lose a day.

Travel was the one thing I WASNT worried about...now I am.

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Originally Posted by TA Jennifer View Post
Quite honestly gals I'd be leery of booking AJ right now no matter how good the prices are! They are systematically cancelling their hubs (just last week cancelled Chicago) -and looking for a buyer as things aren't going so great.
They are definitely having some MAJOR issues right now! I wouldn't book them for anything passed next month. I got a budddy pass I'm using in a couple weeks and I'm leary about that!!

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