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Hi Ladies!


I've been looking for mailing boxes to ship my folded card invitations in. Where do you find them in bulk small enough? I feel like I might have to buy small boxes and ship them in a large envelope but I don't want to do that. I found boxes online that seemed perfect but you could'nt buy them!

Any guidence would be great!

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Not sure how many you need or what size the envelopes are, but check out these sites.

They have several styles of mailers but the 1st two companies sell them in bundles of 50.


Literature Mailers - White


Shipping Supplies


these are sold in groups of 6

Mailers - Shipping Boxes - White Gloss Mailers Corrugated Mailer Boxes


These might be a good idea too. They're actually jewelry boxes but come in various sizes & colors.

Wholesale Jewelry Boxes, White, Colors, Patterns | www.BoxandWrap.com


Jewelry Boxes - Jewelry Packaging & Gift Boxes | Bags & Bows



good luck!!

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