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David Gray MP3

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hey ladies- this may be a shot in the dark but i am requesting a specific song (our first dance song) for our slideshow to be done by Juan and he says i need to send him the song in MP3 format. Well i have it in ITunes and it wont let me convert it to MP3- soooo does anyone have the song "This Years Love" by David Gray in MP3 format that they would love to email mehuh.gifhuh.gif?? I dont know what else to do. any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
I don't know, he was doing them with all his wedding when I booked him.. Crap.. I wonder if one is included.. hmm I may have to send him an email.
nope he changed it last october- ask him to make sure you get one made...........i thought ours was included too but when rebecca got married (november) she had to pay extra so i think thats the standard now
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Hmm going to go look at my old emails and see when I booked him..


Edited to say.... I booked in on 6-26-06, so I wonder if it was included then.. Hmm but then again Rebecca I'm sure already had him booked for her wedding.. I wonder if it's too late to get one now.. Crap I wonder if it will delay my pictures longer..

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