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Majestic Elegance Hair Stylists

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#1 LisaB

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    Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:51 PM

    I leave in a week for my wedding @ Majestic Elegance. All along I have been planning on having my bridesmaids do my hair, but I recently read a review about how great the hair stylists were at the resort. Can anyone confirm this or direct me to some reviews about the hair stylists?

    Thanks so much!

    #2 Jenn&Kraig

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      Posted 03 January 2010 - 01:35 AM

      I am actually seriously considering this reosrt, and would like to know this as well! I have heard some horror stories of sylist in DR...and was considering doing my hair myself! I actually think I will do a tril here and get good photos taken, 360 degrees and bring with me for the stylist, so there is no confusion, should there be a language barrier! lol

      #3 *~Tara~*

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        Posted 04 January 2010 - 09:58 PM

        I got married on December 7th, and had my hair, nails, and a pedicure at the spa. When you walk in, the spa is breathtaking, but as you go to the section where they do your hair & nails, it looks almost incomplete. For our pedicures, they used a conair foot massage bath thing that I see at Walmart, but I just had wet towels wrapped around my feet because they only had one conair and my MOH got to it first! So it was a little ghetto, but my toenails looked okay. I had assumed that they had gel nails, but no such luck so I just got a french manicure on my own nails, and it also looked alright. I had my hair and makeup done as well. I liked my makeup and I'd say that my hair looked good. I felt that it was rushed when they were doing it though (I was in and out of the spa in less than 2 hours). I had it pulled back and had curls pinned. The pins that they used were the ones for blonde hair, and I have black hair, so in some of my photos, you can see them, which was kind of annoying. If there was a next time, I'd bring my own pins. My hair looked great immediately following, and during the ceremony, however it was windy so several pieces blew out, which you can see in many of the photos. It's difficult to explain, but if you could see how she pinned the curls, it was obvious that it was not going to stay all night. At least it looked great for the ceremony. For all that I did, it only cost $300, which I thought was very reasonable. It's good to have photos of what you want when you go... there wasn't many magazines to browse through, although there were a few. I chose a photo out of one of their magazines, and the concept of the style was the same, but it was not quite the same as the photo. Also, there were two workers and I don't think either one of them spoke English, so communicating with them was interesting!

        I had prepared myself for the worst case scenario, and it definitely was not that. That being said, if that spa was in Canada, I wouldn't be rushing to return for hair/nails! The pools at the spa, however, were AMAZING! You should definitely do that one afternoon! It's very reasonably priced, and it was probably one of the best parts of the whole trip!

        #4 Jenn&Kraig

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          Posted 05 January 2010 - 10:43 AM

          Thanks Tara!!!

          It's great to get feedback on these types of things!!

          I think I will do a trial at home, and take tonnes of picks to show the stylist down there.

          I will also get gel nails and pedi done back home right before we leave, I will also bring any hair clips accessories with me, although I do have blond hair so I should be good to go, but will bring my own just in case!!

          Looks like you just got married too! Congrats!!

          Were yuo happy overall with the Majestic Elegance? Did you guys do a private reception or book something private?

          If you have already posted this info somewhere, just let me know, and I will go there so you don't have to re-type all this!!


          #5 ebli23

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            Posted 07 June 2011 - 05:26 AM

            Good to know, I was debating whether to have my hair done at the salon or not.  I'm really picky about my hair, so I may have someone here show me how to do my hair, practice it, then do my own hair the day of.  Thanks for the info!

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