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So photogs...which resorts are your favorites???

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Well, after a few months off from wedding planning the fiance and I are back at it. Seems we are picking up where we left off trying to pick a location. I think we've tried every angle...created lists, prioritized, been selfish, been thoughful, been extravagent and budget concious. Alas, a grand epiphany! All locations look great on their own websites. Wa-wa-waaaa. If I see one more couple clearly designed in a lab and sporting their fabulousity on a louge chair I am going to vom all over them.... shots.gif


You see all this deliberating has put me in rare form. So photogs, CALLING ALL PHOTOGS!, please chime in on your favorite resorts to work with and photograph a wedding at.


If you will, without giving up your secrest, please list your top 3 Riviera Maya resorts and why (any correlating photos would be great too).


Tootaloo darlings and thanks!

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I've only photographed at one Riviera Maya wedding so far (a few more planned for this year though!). And that was at the Grand Rivier Princess resort. I posted some photos of the resort in the thread for that resort, so feel free to take a look!


From my perspective as a photographer, it was really great. There were SOOOO many places to take photos. Very beautiful resort and lots of opportunity. The beach wedding location is a little tight, but you still end up with beautiful photos with the water behind you. I also enjoyed the wood path leading the way to the ceremony. I thought it was special.


Next, I would recommend my wedding resort, simply because I loved it and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to photograph a wedding there. So the Gran Bahia Principe. Akumal has a WONDERFUL wedding location that is great because as a photographer you don't have to compromise your photographs to try and get bikini clad people out of your clients pictures.


And finally, I've never photographed a wedding there, but i have photographed a trash the dress session on the beaches of Tulum, and from what I've seen of a very recent wedding at this resort, it's unique and gorgeous. It's the Blue Tulum resort. VERY beautiful.

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