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hair issues - fine, natural curly- turns to fuzz in humity

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Hi there,


I'm really relaxed & ready for the wedding in 7 weeks. My issue is my hair.

I have longer hair that is very fine and natural curly (looks like a spiral perm). When I'm in the humid areas such as Florida, Cuba, Mexico it basically turns into fuzz. (Anyone remember Monica's hair in Friends?) I usually just wear a headband and pony tail to control it, but don't really want that for my wedding.


Does anyone have hair product suggestions or other ideas that I may consider?

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I have really fine, frizzy, short hair. Not cool in the summertime or on a beach wedding day. Anyway, I used Moroccan oil in mine. That stuff smells great, adds just a touch of shine, and helps keep frizz to a minimum.


They have several types of products, I used the oil that you put on before you dry your hair. There is also a dry oil mist and I've used that before too. Both worked out well for me.

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