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    Bruised but not broken....we leave in 9 days

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pastryqueen_Tanya I am feeling your pain. I was just released from hospital and I leave for my wedding in 6 days. It has just put things into perspective for me. Some things just aren't important...I am so sorry for your pain, as I am also in a lot. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself. It has been a lot of planning, but I am sure everything will be okay. Best wishes!!! thanks - I just read your post - take care of yourself...and good luck with your wedding...
  2. Need to vent....not angry but sad.....and feeling sorry for myself..... On Jan. 13th I was driving on icy roads and took on a gravel truck with my van....I lost - big time!!! - when all was said and done, the motor was under my feet, the bumber 8 inches behind the frame and I was taken by ambulance to the hospital, treated and released. No broken bones, some mild bruising, loose teeth from the airbag hitting under my chin. (the teeth have since tightened up and the dentist said there are no cracked teeth and my jaw isn't broken). Most pain is in the chest, back & arms. I was an EMS provider for 10 years and have seen far worse injuries from way less vehicle damage & impact. I have the prespective that I am SO fortunate to be in one piece, but am feeling sorry for myself as I'm nauseated from the pain medications, still don't quite have the pain in control, not sleeping at through the night (from injuries) in physiotherapy, massage, chiroprator almost daily and the wedding is approaching very quickly. Now I have a horrific head cold to add to the fun. I have wonderful support, have the best care providers, but am feeling overwhelmed, disappointed and selfish for feeling sorry for myself.......... I'm hoping babbling will shake me out of this funk....thanks for listening..
  3. diane.callaghan

    So upset just want to cry

    Quote: Originally Posted by Puzzled-Bride I have actually left her a message and sent an email since her return. I understand she is probably very busy, but I am getting heat from my guests and ofcourse FI who want to book their rooms, I'm starting to feel like an unorganized idiot. Plus that knot in my neck keeps getting bigger and bigger!!! I am so sorry you are getting this stress now...My WC did not return my calls for 6 weeks. I began to write down exact date & times I called & left messages. After week 6 and 60 some days before my wedding date, I called the WC's Manager and explained my frustration (carefully not to piss anyone off, but enough to let them know I was upset). Upon hearing my story the Manager said the WC's office was next to her's and put me on hold, WC dropped what she was doing and took my call. After that we made appointments for our next conversations. Good Luck and Congratulations
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by futuremrsgoodrich Hello ladies! The fitting went well, only need a few inches off at the bottom add a French bustle and its good to go. My mom went with me and took a few snaps The pics dont do it justice,,, arent wedding dresses gorgeous!! Also just since Im adding pics and I know someone asked about maps the other week- here's a pic of themap postcard we made.... http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/a...2009-12049.jpg one side a map of the resort, the other a map of the local area. ok and one more... a shameless plug of cuteness... this is one of our kittens.. http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/a...2009-12037.jpg I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas... Alison Wow - your dress is amazing! I look forward to taking a peek and seeing you in it in person on your big day. So we should try to have a drink if it works out. We're planning on going to the night club after our reception (to end around . If you spot us, I'll be the one in a long white dress on Feb. 4th - please come and introduce yourself and sit for a couple minutes...Diane
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride Hello lovlies.... why don't people respond to RSVP's!!!!! they are driving me crazy. We have 21 confirmed and about 12 verbals without bookings. WTF is the concept that hard to grasp? I want to start finalizing things and I can't until I have my final number. Folks ar e wearing my nerves thin lol...... OKAY I will breathe now! ahhh that's beter. I had the same issue - including my own brother & sister! I ended up emailing (easier to hide my frustration) everyone explaining I needed #'s for the reception...they were all pretty good about getting back to me...Good luck!!!
  6. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    Quote: Originally Posted by A2Bride The salon thing could back fire. I went to one explaining what i wanted to do, they said they knew how to handle curly hair. Well let's just say people with naturally curly hair and those with perms are completely different. i think she was either used to perms or people with less curl than mine. I looked like a frizzy poodle by the time she was done. Luckily i did not let her touch it with scissors! :-) I have tried CHI and it still makes my hair frizz when it is curly...not sure why but it does. Maybe i am doing it wrong, do you use a diffuser and dry it at all? I can't tell you how many times I've cried leaving a hair salon...I think most curly hair is courser and more managible ...I only dry my roots and let the rest air dry to prevent the frizzy look....I don't have layers anymore (just cut in 2 levels) which gives it more weight and holds the straight look better and curls aren't as defined unless I scrunch them up. If that makes sense.
  7. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    Quote: Originally Posted by Preciousmi811 Redken Smooth Down Serum Redken Smooth Down -Sleek Obedience It's a 10 leave n conditioner Kenra -Shine Spray I use the leave n conditioner and that help with the smooth. Them I use the serum wet or dry to help smooth out. I keep the Sleek Obedience in my purse and use it through out the day on areas with heavy frizz. Then I use Kenra spray couple times through out the day. I know it seems like a lot but if you have frizzy hair your use to messing with it all the time. Thanks (these product ideas are just what I need from people who use them), with the serum are you able to style it any way you like?
  8. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    Quote: Originally Posted by A2Bride I use a combination of Paul Mitchell gel and glaze. I mix the two of them together. I do not like that when it dries it has the wet look so i always "crunch" that out. If that makes sense. I have a routine too, i put it in my hair, then let it air dry for 10-20 mins, then blow dry with difusser, then wet it a little where it is frizzy, then dry again. Here is a picture of my hair in my first wedding (yes this is my second...i saved the best for last) Not the best picture as i took a picture of a picture, but it will give you an idea of what i am talking about. THe curls hanging down is what my hair looks like normally. Alhtough my hair is shorter now. This is my 2nd too and in my first pics my hair is like yours but down to the middle of my back. I have found a great hair comb and head band at Micheal's of all places. My thought is to try some styles out and then find the right hair product - thanks for the tips on your product.
  9. diane.callaghan

    Dad is in hospital, we leave in 2 days

    Congratulations Nonnie, I've been waiting to hear how things turned out for you. I wish you and your family the very best.
  10. diane.callaghan

    Who loves to Read???

    Quote: Originally Posted by *Nadine* ooh I should check those out! I watched the movie The Other Boleyn girl and I loooved it. It got me so intrigued that I wanted to learn more about King henry. Im gonna definiately check those out, thanks I read the books when the movie came out -so I waited to see the movie. I would suggest reading in chronilogical order - you really have a better understanding of Katherine of Aragon. Have you ever watched the Tudor's on CBC? VERY GOOD - better when you have the book background. Anyway, I see your wedding is next week - have a wonderful time!!!!
  11. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    would you share your hair product brand name? I understand the open the shower door thing....The way you're describing the hair style is what I was going for. (at least that's what I'd like).
  12. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    When I'm home I take turns letting it be curly - looks like spiral perm. (I can't have short hair if I don't want to look like a poodle) I also straighten it and stays 'somewhat in control'. However, when in humid there seems to be no control. IE - we were at an indoor restraurant in Cuba, by the end of supper I had to pin back my bangs as they went fuzzy during the meal.
  13. diane.callaghan

    Who loves to Read???

    I haven't read through all of this thread, so I'm not sure if any suggested this series by Philippa Gregory. She's amazing and brought the love of reading back into my busy life. She writes mostly about old England and really has you enthrawed with King Henry & his wives....I read all the below books (in this order within 6 months).....I couldn't put them down.... The Chronilogical order goes: The Constant Princess (Katherine of Aragon); The Other Boleyn Girl (Anne Boleyn); The Boleyn Inheritance (Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard); The Queens Fool (Mary Tudor and Elizabeth 1) and The Virgin’s Lover (Elizabeth 1). The Other Queen (Mary Queen of Scots). She also has a new book out called the White Queen (read in 2 weeks) and is working on the Red Queen, King Henry's mother. .....Seriously, after I passed my books onto my friends, they're addicted too.....
  14. diane.callaghan

    Hot Chocolate: What kind do you drink?

    Carnation for Timmy's for sure - as long as it has Peppermint Schnapps....MMMMmmmmm
  15. diane.callaghan

    Fuzzy Hair issue

    So, for the most part I'm very relaxed about our Feb. 4/10 wedding in Jamaica. My issue is my hair; it's longer, very fine and natural curly that when in humid areas basically turns to fuzz. (Remember Monica's hair in Friends). Usually when we travell to humid areas I wear a headband and pony tail, pin back the bangs, or hat....Not sure what to do with my hair for the wedding as none of these options are what I'd really like to do. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions for hair products that would basically act as glue for the wedding?