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Cord Ceremony (or God's Knot)

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A friend of mine got married in Playa back in April. They had their AHR this past weekend. We didn't get to go to the wedding, so we were very excited to watch her video.


They did a "Cord Ceremony" or a "Gods Knot." It was very neat...they are different religions, so they had a non-denominational wedding. But, they wanted to incorporate God in to their wedding. They didn't want the unity candle, because its on the beach and they didn't want a sand ceremony because, it didn't incorporate God.


This is what they did

God's Knot - Cord of Three Strands


It's just "binding" the husband, wife and God together....

It was a very nice touch that made the both of them cry.


Jay and I are more spiritual than religious, but I really like this idea.

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