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Dominical or Tambor?

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Which do you prefer? We are looking at Costa Rica in March 2010 and I've found 2 amazing places in both Dominical and Tambor (found another in Playa Ocotal, but it's a little too expensive). I don't know much about these places. We aren't looking for nightlife or anything like that. We just want to do some cool day trips - some adventure, some exploring since we have all ages and interests - and GREAT SHOPPING. We will have several women who love to shop and decorate with cool purchases from our travels.


Is Dominical too isolated?


Does anyone have a particular opinion about either place?


Thank you!


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Of course being a tad bit biased on this one, I would have to recommend Dominical over Tambor because for all of the reasons you mentioned. Secluded? Tambor is more secluded than Dominical I would say. Dominical is a mere 35mins to Perez Zeledon which is the fastest growing city in Central America with plenty of shopping to satisfy even the most picky. However, I wouldn't recommend waiting to do your wedding attire shopping in PZ because that's best to be done before you come to CR. However the rest of your shopping can be done here.


I recently wrote an article on this subject that you mind find interesting and you can read it here:

Dominical, Costa Rica - Jewel of the Southern Zone

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Dear Melissa,


Definitely head for Dominical. Tambor area has been a bit overdeveloped, you will get a better sense of Costa Rica in Dominical.

Amazing day trips in the area: whale watching, Sierpe canals, Isla del Cano and for the more adventurous: a hike across the Osa Peninsula (I do it every year) .


Keep in mind the tide for your wedding date. Dominical beaches have either little slant thus hide tides come up really high or too much slant leaving little beach area for ceremony site. It is a lush & green area, so plan for the dry season if you want a beach wedding (nov-april) or our Indian Summer in July. Cuna del Angel has experience hosting weddings for the area.

Let me know if you have any other questions, would love to be of assistance.

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