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  1. Thank you once again for your help! I will check out the wedding cakes and let you know. Maybe you can help me with another question. I'm trying to decide the easiest way for our guests to get to Dominical from the airport in San Jose with the least problems. What do you think? Have the roads been paved on the drive yet? I know it's been planned for a while, but someone I know whas there in June and it still wasn't done (although they were preparing to pave). Or maybe I should just tell them to take an intra-country flight to Palmar Sur and we can arrange a shuttle from there? Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Hi - I'm getting married in Dominical in March and wondering if anyone can recommend a steel drum/calypso band and/or florist in the Dominical area? On average, how much should we expect to pay for the band? Thank you!!!
  3. Thank you both for your input - I really appreciate it. I did end up deciding on Dominical and am very excited!
  4. Which do you prefer? We are looking at Costa Rica in March 2010 and I've found 2 amazing places in both Dominical and Tambor (found another in Playa Ocotal, but it's a little too expensive). I don't know much about these places. We aren't looking for nightlife or anything like that. We just want to do some cool day trips - some adventure, some exploring since we have all ages and interests - and GREAT SHOPPING. We will have several women who love to shop and decorate with cool purchases from our travels. Is Dominical too isolated? Does anyone have a particular opinion about either place? Thank you! Melissa
  5. Hi -I'm Melissa. My fiance (still feels weird to say that) are planning our wedding right now. I don't want a big wedding and we really don't want to wait too long so that's why we're going with a destination wedding. I really love the idea of an intimate setting and doing it in an amazing place which we can share with our closest family and friends. We are looking at Costa Rica in March 2010. Good luck to everyone in your planning and congratulations in this special time!
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