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April 2010 Brides - 6 Month Update

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAH 6 Month Mark!! OMG I didn't quite realize it was there already but SO EXCITED!



- resort, wedding package and date BOOKED

- wedding dress ordered, arriving in Jan/Feb.

- invitations made and ready to be sent (already have 12 others booked!)

- photographer BOOKED


In Progress:

- OOT bags, some items purchased but still lots to go!

- wedding website up but still needs some blanks filled in

- have bridesmaids, still no dresses!

- found my shoes, BM & GM shoes, but need to order online



- figure out FI's clothes, GM clothes

- find and buy rings

- figure out reception menu

- trial run for hair, make-up etc

- decorations

- book marriage commissioner for legal ceremony (also hush hush except I let it slip to my sister already! Good thing she's in the wedding and will probably be the witness for the legal part anyways! OOPS!)

- veil: do I want one or not?

- pre-travel brochure/package

- decide on group outing activity (Xel-Ha, Tulum ruins etc)



Uh-oh... more things on the TO-DO list than are crossed off. Now that's a scary thought.

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Hey everybody...six months huh? Ok my original date was 6/19 but the old hags at work took my week(we pick vacation in seniority order) knowing I was getting married so we changed to 4/10/10. I had already sent STD's to guest but we decided for it to just be us 2! So I sent out another email letting guests know this and we will see them at the AHR! Ok now for checks...



my wedding set is purchased

dress purchased

venue booked for ceremony

venue found for AHR

purchased garter


Still need to:

get bouquets done

purchase birdgcage veil

find jewlery & accessories

purchase FI's attire

book photog for e-pics(she actually is gonna do my BD, e-pics & reception)

purchase FI's ring

book photog for Vegas

put thank you bag together for another couple coming with us

find attire for trip


am I missing anything?

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Wow, the big day is approaching fast! We are getting married on the Carnival Glory cruise ship in the port of Miami, FL on 4/25/2010, then sailing off on our 7-day eastern Caribbean honeymoon cruise.


Done so far:

• Booked wedding/honeymoon cruise

• Selected travel agent to book staterooms for our guests

• Mailed save-the-date packages; approx 50 (http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...e-dates-49301/)

• Ordered wedding dress; delivery in January 2010 (http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...st-63-a-49000/)

• Ordered natural touch bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and cake topper; should have photo proofs in mid-November (Realistic Silk Wedding Flowers, Natural Touch and Silk Bridal Bouquets)

• Decided on wedding party (Maid of Honor, one Bridesmaid, Best Man, and one Groomsman; no flower girl or ring bearer)

• Created wedding website (Kenneth & Natasha - wedding website by mywedding.com)

• Set-up wedding registries (Carnival Honeymoon Wishes, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.com)

• Purchased wedding bands (got a great deal at Zales)

• Selected wedding ceremony music and bride/groom reception entrance music


Still to do:

• Purchase Bridal accessories (shoes, veil, jewelry, etc.)

• Decide on hair/makeup for wedding day

• Decide on mother of the bride and father of the bride attire; my FIâ€s mother will not be able to attend due to health reasons and his father is deceased

• Select/order bridesmaids dresses and accessories

• Pick out groomâ€s and groomsmenâ€s tuxes (my FI wants to lose some more weight before we pick out his tux)

• Select/order invitations

• Order bridesmaidsâ€/groomsmenâ€s gifts

• Plan Welcome Reception in Miami, FL the evening before the wedding ceremony

• Select hotel for guests to stay in Miami the evening before the wedding

• Arrange transportation from hotel to port for guests

• OOT bags (not sure if we are doing this yet)


Thereâ€s probably a lot more that I am forgetting…. So much to do!

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Originally Posted by ebredhawk View Post
i know some of you have posted there.. but all of the April 2010 brides, come and check in on our thread...


also, mich&adam.. you're the 2nd person i've found getting married on the 28th! i wish i could say we're down to 6 months, but we barely just passed 7! i'm always jealous of the early april brides' tickers!
Thanks ebredhawk, I'll add my update to the April 2010 Brides thread.

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Originally Posted by bride2010 View Post
Wow! It's crazy how my 20-month engagement is now down to the last six!!!

Ok, here is what I've got crossed off my list so far:

- resort & wedding package picked, vacation booked
- honeymoon booked
- wedding website up and running
- STD's sent out (20 booked)
- photographer (including flight & accomodation) booked
- dress & veil bought & ordered
- FI's outfit bought
- bridesmaids dresses & groomsmen's outfits purchased
- OOT bags bought
- OOT items bought except for 2 items
- DIY templates & designs completed (for OOT bag contents)
- paper lanterns bought for the reception
- found our rings and ordering next month
- bought bridesmaids' and MOH's gifts

What's left:

- need to find shoes
- need to find flower girl dresses
- finalizing centrepieces
- make up ipod playlist
- book our catholic wedding back home (I know, I'm kinda pushing it now, but just haven't gotten around to it)
- still deciding whether I should go with the fresh flowers for the bouquets & bouttonnieres at the resort or order/DIY them...so on the fence on this one
- send out invitations (friend owns her own business and is making them for me)
- make welcome books
- make pre-travel brouchure & package

I think that's it for now...I'm sure I'm okay with the major stuff. What's holding me back is the number of DIY's I keep adding on my list (thanks to the forum haha). Anyways, it's nice to know that there's a number of us here on the exact same boat. Happy planning, ladies!
Just wondering what you are doing for your guest books.

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So a couple of things that do not need to be done right away but still need to be started just to keep things on track are:

- select photos for the scrapbook guest book for the destination wedding

- select photos for the slide show for the AHR

- pick out flowers and decide how to make arrangements DIY project

- need to determine invitation wording and select invitation package so that we can order them - thinking for an May 1, 2010 AHR that we will need to send the invitations out probably by the end of January.

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Originally Posted by robinkar View Post
- two games prepared - one for welcome cocktail hour & one for reception
Ohh please share details... what kind of gameshuh.gif What a cool idea!

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Originally Posted by KimmyG View Post
Ohh please share details... what kind of gameshuh.gif What a cool idea!
The first game that we are planning on having is a drinking game for the welcome cocktail party that we are hoping to have the first night at the resort since there will be guests coming from different parts of Canada as well as Scotland. This will give everyone a chance to come together as a group. We think that it will go like this:
- the bride and groom will both have about 25 shots of a carribean type of drink
- questions will be asked about the bride and groom
- if the question is asked about the bride, the first people to get the question right will be given a shot by the bride
- if the question is asked about the groom, the first people to get the question right will be given a shot by the groom
- it will be them who will decide if one or more guests are entitled to the drink
The second game is the bride & groom shoe game. We are thinking that this will be played during the cocktail party - the time between the ceremony (after pictures) and the reception. We needed to plan something since the ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. and the reception not until 6:30 p.m.

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Here we go, anyone let me know if I am forgeting something. I have nightmares of getting to the resort and forgetting something important, There is no walmart in DR lol


Things Done

- Ceremony dress

- Party dress

- vial

- Shoes

- resort package book

- ceremony/ reception booked

- photographer booked

- invites sent out, rsvp date Jan 15

- website all resort/travel info

- OOT bag: first aid kit


Spf lip balm

Travel size hand cream

Labels for lip balm

- Bought Ipod

- wedding bands bought

- made BM bouquet

- made centerpieces

- bought post card invites for AHR

- BM neckels/ earring set

- BM shoes

-BM dress

Things still need to be done

- FI attire

- find GM

- GM attire

-something new, old, and borrowed

- docking system for Ipod with speakerâ€s

- decide menu for reception

- download most songs and put on Ipod

- decide make-up/hair

- BM tote bag and towel (with their names)

- OOT Bag: type up welcome letter/things to do

tote bag

travel mug

hang over kit

Fan for girls/shot glass for men

Travel Size Sanitizer

Print Spanish for dummies (Print a Free Pocket-Sized Phrase Booklet | Spanish - Espaol)

Print cross word puzzle book

Print resort map/list of room # for guest

Deck of cards (not sure if I will go through with this one)

- decide on tour for group

- wedding games for cocktail hour (waiting for dinner to start)

- arrange meet and greet for guest (have to wait to see when ppl will arrive)

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Wow, it shoulds like you have it really together. We still have a lot to do. We have a things in the works but not a lot finished.

Its a good thing when you can finally say that things are DONE.

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