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Logo help?

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Most of you brides have a logo that is in the signature line of your email which is being used on welcome letters, OOT bags, etc. Where are you getting the logos? Is there a website for this? Does a graphic designer have to do that for me?





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Hi Jen


There are a couple of ways fo doing it.


If you would like to do it yourself - there are various templates psted in other threads - from what I gather using a program like photoshop is easiest - if you already have it and know how to use it - although you can use powerpoint to do it too.


There are also vendors - on this site - who will do it for you, they customise the colous and dates and names on their standard monograms (very economical way of doing it) or will design a custom one. I'm sure there are other vendors on here, but I have looked at Allurements by Rebecca Allurements by Rebecca and Sproulile Designs Sproullie Designs - Home loved the logos on their website - if you google wedding monogram you will find heaps of vendors online.


My friend is a graphic design student, and so she is doing it for me as a wedding present :) But trust me, if I didn't have such a talented friend, I would totally be getting someone to do it for me :)


Good luck - for inspiration and ideas check out the monogram/logo threads on here - i think there is one called "show us your monogram" or something like that...

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