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  1. Most of you brides have a logo that is in the signature line of your email which is being used on welcome letters, OOT bags, etc. Where are you getting the logos? Is there a website for this? Does a graphic designer have to do that for me? HELP! Thanks! Jen
  2. Where did you get the logo? The logo at the top of your letter? Did you or a graphic designer have to create that? Thanks!!
  3. Carla, Where did you get the palm tree logo with you and Scott's name did you create that yourself? I am working on bags but have no idea where to start on the logo. Help! Thanks!! Jen
  4. Congrats! Today is my first day too. I've been checking out the information provided and oh my... it's amazing!!!
  5. My name is Jen... getting married at Dreams Tulum on Friday, March 12, 2010! I have tons of questions but I'll read all the reviews before asking. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
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