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ROR Photographer Suggestion?

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Hi Ladies,


I am looking to book a photographer for our wedding - - we tried to book Michael through the PhotoShop at ROR but he is already booked for 2 weddings and 1 reception that day and said he could give us "one hour only" but if our wedding runs late, we still only get from 4-5pm (Our wedding is at 4pm). That is not enough time for me not to stress about it, and I wanted to do TTD on Sunday too and he could not accomodate that either.


Can anyone recommend a really good photographer in Jamaica? We are getting married in 29 days. So I know I am late in the game on this one... any help would be appreciated. Also, we only have $1,000 budgeted for photography and we wanted that to be about 2 hours on Saturday for the wedding and approx 1 hour TTD on Sunday... am I dreaming? Is my budget unrealistic?


We were thinking about bringing our own photog - there is a nice girl who did our engagement photos, but she offered us maximum of 4 hours of photography & wanted us to fly her and her husband for 4 days/3nights (approx $1600). When I asked her for an extra hour she refused and then said they weren't interested. I was willing to go back to the 4 hours deal (getting worried & a bit panicked), then she flaked out completely and said she and her hubby were fighting. So I walked away from that. I have my own drama, I don't need photog drama at my wedding!


Okay, that turned into a much longer post than I had planned!


Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations you may have!!



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