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*PICS of ALL BM dresses #22*

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Originally Posted by surprise4us View Post
Hey, How did you let them choose? Did you give them options and then look at the colours it came in? Also how did you get away from two girls choosing the same dress.
They are lovely by the way I love the colours.
I just put it out there saying this is the color I am looking at and to make everyone happy please choose your own dress but dont get the same dress. It wasnt too hard. I also stated I wanted to make sure it flows with everything else which it did. All my girls went shopping together so they could see everyone's dress and style.
Since I had 6 BM's. I gave a designer to a pair and said have fun.
I thought it was going to be tough in the beginning but after all said and done it was fun.
6BM's=6 Different dresses=3 different colors :)

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