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Sand & Sun Vacations w/BDW presents Royal-Playa del Carmen & Cancun, Mex. Webinar!

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Thank you so very much all of you ladies (and gents) who attended! I am so glad that you felt it helpful! I look forward to working with you and your guests on your weddings!


I also appreciate that you followed through on your RSVP! We had 6 that signed up and did not attend. This is happening with many of the webinars and may force us to have to charge a small nominal fee to cover our cost and secure the brides committment.


While I am thrilled to be able to offer such a service to the brides of BDW- there is a great time committment and expense working with the resorts to get these arranged. The resorts also spend a considerable amount of time & energy plus expense in presenting the webinars. When we have so many not show we still incur the cost!


In addition it makes BDW look bad- having 6 out of 16 no show!


So we'll be offering more webinars but whether we can continue to do fro free - we'll see.


I'd love to get feedback about this issue!

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Jennifer, I think it is unfortunate that some folks no showed. Especially when there was a link to un-rsvp. I can understand why you would need to charge a fee due to the people that didn't follow up on their end and didn't care enough to consider you or your business.


Thanks again for those of us that did attend, I really appreicate all your efforts!

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