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  1. I purchased these sandals from Nordstrom for $110. I didn't end up wearing them for my wedding, they are brand new in box. Dezario "Pearl" Sandal. Platinum color (ivory). Size 7. Wedge heel 1 1/2 inches. Leather upper with Swarovski crystal heart detail. Go to this link for sandal details and reviews http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/dezario-pearl-sandal/3086909?origin=PredictiveSearch&resultback=1026. The shoe for a sale in an ivory color though, not black! Selling for $50 PM me if interested. Paypal only. Thanks, Heather
  2. pineapplebride

    Real Touch Bouquet & Bout for sale!

    Bouquet and Bout is still for sale
  3. I am selling my real touch wedding bouquet and bout from my wedding in May. The bouquet is fuschia and orange roses with green orchids, the bout is a green orchid. They were made by Enchanting Memories, based out of Toronto. Originally paid $110. Selling for $70 + shipping (from Vancouver) PM me if interested and I can calculate shipping costs! Thanks, Heather
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    Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale!!

    And the shoes (never worn)
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    Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale!!

    Here are photos of the bouquet/bout:
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    Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale!!

    Lanterns, Chair sashes, luggage tags and raffia fans are all sold.
  7. Hi guys! I wanted to share some of my photos from my wedding May. I felt that the most stressful part of planning the wedding was choosing the site for the private reception. We chose the Adult/Relax Pool, and it was perfect! It felt very private, the most common concern about that site from reading this forum is the lighting and wind. Lighting was def not an issue at all, and it is windy at all of the outdoor reception sites! We brought all our own decorations, they were set up perfectly. The centerpieces we chose were $65 each, however, one came free with the wedding package, and they allowed me to sub a centerpiece for the bridal bouquet that came with the package (I brought my own real touch bouquet), so I only had to buy 2. Anyway, hope the photos help you with your wedding planning! DT is the perfect resort, I would choose it again and recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat! Our photographers blog post: http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/weddings/max-and-heathers-mexico-wedding/ Our wedding slideshow: http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/max-and-heathers-wedding-slideshow/ and just for fun, TTD shots: Cenote TTD at Dos Ojos Cenote: http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/weddings/heather-max-and-the-cenotes/ Tulum Town and Beach TTD: http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/weddings/mexico-aftersession-heather-and-max/ Feel free to ask any questions, I'll be around the forum again for a little while because I'm trying to sell lots of my wedding stuff
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    Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale!!

    Pls send me your postal code/ZIP when sending a PM and I can calculate shipping costs for you!
  9. pineapplebride

    Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale!!

    I just sent you a PM!
  10. Fuchsia and Orange Post Wedding Sale I’m ready to reclaim my home and sell my wedding stuff! Shipping from Vancouver, BC Canada. Discounts and free stuff if you buy more than one item! Prices listed in Canadian dollars. All prices negotiable. Here is a link to my photographers blog post, it has pictures of most of the items I am selling! http://sakuraphotography.com/blog/weddings/max-and-heathers-mexico-wedding/ Bouquet + Boutennier I have one real touch bridal bouquet from Enchanting Memories. Fuchsia and orange roses with green orchids. White, fuchsia and orange wrap. Plus one grooms bout, green orchid. $75 + shipping. I’ll also mention that I would highly recommend Pat from Enchanting Memories (Toronto based) they were excellent to work with! Chair Sashes I have 17 orange and 17 fuchsia organza chair sashes from http://www.tableclothsfactory.com/. I will iron them all before shipping out. 34 sashes = $15 + shipping Linen Napkins 9 fuchsia cloth napkins and 8 orange linen napkins from http://www.tableclothsfactory.com/ (lots are missing because a friend claimed them as her own for dinner parties). The orange ones are a couple inches smaller than the fuchsia ones, even though they are from the same place - doesn’t make a difference once they are folded though. Washed and ironed, obviously 17 napkins = $10 + shipping Paper Lanterns 10 x 8’ orange 10 x 8’ fuchsia 4 x 12’ orange 4 x 12’ fuchsia 6 x 16’ orange 4 x 16’ fuchsia All lanterns are from either save-on-crafts.com, or the paperlanternstore.com Total of 38 lanterns = $40 + shipping Parasols 2 orange paper parasols. I believe I purchased them from save-on-crafts, but I’m not sure of the exact size, 28-32†is my guess. $8 + shipping Magazines As an engagement gift a girlfriend bought me a one year subscription to Destination Weddings + Honeymoons. I have 6 copies, June 2010 – June 2011. All the copies are in good-excellent condition, no pages ripped out (I was planning on saving them as a keepsake but I already have too many wedding keepsakes! Haha). They have tons of really great ideas for destination weddings and feature a lot of great resorts. They retail for $4.99 each. I’ll sell all 6 of them for $10 + shipping. The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer http://www.amazon.ca/Ultimate-Wedding-Planner-Organizer/dp/1934386405/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1313553589&sr=8-4 Would make a great gift for a friend, or for yourself. I received 2 as engagement gifts. The one I’m selling is in brand new condition. $20 + shipping Wedding Sandals Dezario Pearl Sandal in platinum color, size 7 (fits true to size). New in box.. I bought them online from Nordstrom. $50 plus shipping http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/dezario-pearlsandal/3086909?origin=PredictiveSearch&resultback=1026 Raffia Fans 3 with orange ribbon, 3 with fuchsia ribbon. The ribbon is attached with glue dots, so I could remove it if you like. From orientaltrading.com. $5, or free with any above purchase. Ribbon 5/8’ x 18 feet Full roll of “hot pink†Used roll “shocking pink†and used roll of “lemongrass†apple green. $5, or free with any purchase. Luggage Tags I have 15 luggage tag holders, and 65 plastic loops. Purchased from amazon.com. $5, or free with another purchase. Thanks for looking, Please PM me if interested! Heather
  11. I brought 20 x 8' lanterns (from saveoncrafts... super cheap!) 10 x 12' lanterns and 8 x 16' lanterns (paperlantern store) I liked the look of different sizes. Even though I brought 38 lanterns, only 35 were hung over the reception site. I don't think there was room for the extra 3! Quote: Originally Posted by Ashleyciv Im having my reception on the beach and am just about to purchase paper lanterns but im still not sure what size to get? Could you girls please tell me what size you used for your reception if you used lanterns!! IM going crazy here, over this little detail haha!!! Veronica - I'm glad you had such a good time!! I'm interested to hear what you thought of the Royal! It was between the Royal and DT for me when choosing a resort, and I'm really glad we chose DT!
  12. pineapplebride

    MayanVibes / DJ Bijan - Reviews?

    Hey we had DJ Bijan for our wedding at Dreams Tulum on May 10. We hired him for our ceremony and reception and he did an amazing job!! He played the music for the ceremony perfectly, and provided us with a wireless microphone so our guests could hear us say our vows. He did a great job introducing us as we entered the reception and we used the microphone again for the speeches. He had our whole group dancing all night - even my 80 year old grandparents! He played a really great mix of music and had fun little party lights! He was also really quick at responding to e-mails, and his pricing is great in comparison to other DJs in the area!! I'd book him again in a heartbeat!!