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Overall Best/Worst Hotel Based Based on General Opinion

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Hi Everyone,


I know this will seem like a relatively stupid question, but since I just started I wanted to get an idea of what has been the general thought out there in past threads (it's very difficult to read thousands of posts :) ). I know everybody is looking for different things but overall, are there any hotels in Cancun/Riviera Maya that a lot of people have said they were very happy with for their wedding? Or vice versa? Again, I realize it's silly because everybody has different opinions but just wanted to get a VERY general idea. A simple "I love XXXX" or "I hate XXXX" will do :)


Thanks so much! I can't imagine what people did before this site? :)

~ Vicky

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Hi Vicky.


I am getting married at Azul Beach - part of Karisma. Right now we are not getting great deals & everything has a cost - but I have not heard a bad review yet! Its a smaller resort - only 98 rooms and they allow kids - the 2 main things I wanted.


Good luck deciding.


I recommend getting quotes from 3 resorts and picking the one who can give you the best deal. I really wish I had done that.



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