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New diet that works

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#1 roo66

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    Posted 30 July 2009 - 03:36 AM

    I met with a friend for dinner last night and was so impressed with her massive weight loss and the ability to keep it off for almost a year that im considering taking it up.Now let me explain,last september she was close to having to by a size 18 that means not really being able to go i most high street shops to buy trendy clothes.Her friend had heard about this diet and convinced her to take part.What she did was go to her Dr and get all her bloods done the results were sent on and from there they devised HER diet.She had weekly weigh ins and was told that by crimbo she would be in a size 10.She was and still is which is as important.If i can point out to you she has never been a size 10,well maybe when we were 15 hehe.She compared her diet plan with her friends and it was different.The friend has lost 5 stone!!!!!!!! my friend 3!!!! she looks so good.IM sold.What made her try was she didnt want to buy a 18 plus she spent the last god knows how many years at other diet clubs with very little result.The cost £400 nothing really when you add up the weekly cost of other clubs.SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im gunna do it.Im waiting for a colonoscopy so after i get that done 8 weeks maybe im signing upand hopefully ill get to find out what is making me so sick that i find myself needing a colonoscopy.For those of you shouting "girl whats the name of it " ive forgotten ill text her and post later.I just want to shout "IM GUNNA BE SKINNY"

    #2 Rainfall

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      Posted 02 January 2010 - 04:12 AM

      Good Luck !

      #3 baj

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        Posted 02 January 2010 - 10:55 AM

        please post the name of it, thanks

        #4 roo66

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          Posted 03 January 2010 - 09:14 AM

          The name of it is sure slim.I signed up and lost almost 2 stone in three months.I was 11st 12 pounds and am now on a very good day 10 st.I have fallen off a little since the holidays began but as of tomorrow i am back on it.It is tough but my plan is very limited because of my dairy intolerance which is very debilitating.I love cheese and yesterday had a pasta bake and last nite i had cream with chocolate cake.I am sitting here with a hot water bottle against my bloated tummy.Why i do it i dont know as of tomorrow i will feel well again and after trying on my wedding basque yesterday evening i have to get another stone off just to loose the fat back look that completly means if i dont ill need a new dress.My plan and my friends says no bread pasta.only 2 crackers a day only 2 pieces of fruit one of those an apple.No fats no fizzy drinks no squashes not even diet ummm and for me no dairy!!! breakfast is a boiled egg and veggies so mushrooms.Lunch is tuna salad tomatoes are limited infact you have to weigh your veggies and salad.Because of my thyroid i cant eat bananas,strawberries brocolli swede cauliflower,theres lots more but having told you all the stuff i cant eat.I felt so well whilst on it no tummy cramps no running to the loo no not being able to go and no wind !!!! sorry maybe to much info there but it works for me so as of tomorrow the final push to be a skinny bride begins.I am on holiday in June and our wedding is September so i have time but after a nite and a morning with a hot water bottle im ready.I hope even if you cant find the plan in America you are inspired to loose the weight.OH and ive decided to do a bouduoir shoot soon for Pauls 40th in April another reason to shift the blubber xx

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