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I made a poem for each of my bridesmaids and then printed them on pretty invitations. Then I asked each of my potential bridesmaids out for a separate lunch/dinner at a restaurant that had meaning in our friendship. I made sure to arrive early and asked a waiter to bring the envelope over to the table after we had been there for a while. Each waiter seemed excited to do it (of course I explained what it was for!) Then when the envelope was delivered, I acted like I had no idea what was going on. Each girl seemed shocked/confused, but as they read the poem and figured out what was going on, big smiles crossed their faces. (2 of them even got teary eyed.) Everyone said yes and they all seemed to like the way that I asked. I'm posting each poem below in case they may help anyone who wants to do something similar. Of course the poems are individualized and would have to be changed, but it may give some of you some ideas.


Kristin - (This one was for my brother's wife (They just got married in January))


I got the luck of the draw as sisters-in-law go

Of course for that, my “thanks†goes to Beau


A day long ago, the two of you met

You started a journey you couldnâ€t forget


With a simple “I do†you became his wife

And forever secured your place in my life


Now because forever we are tied,

Iâ€d be honored to have my sister by my side


Down the aisle I will go

On my way to become Mrs. Kargbo


My bridesmaid I really want to make ya

Please say “Yes†and come to Jamaica!



Liz - (My Best Friend)


Some people come into our lives, and they touch our heart

Sometimes you donâ€t know it right from the start


You learn who your friends are if given some time

The real ones will know if you take your Corona with lime


Friends can be givers or takers, and it starts to show

My friend, youâ€re a giver, that much I know


I really do want you there by my side

As I start my journey on this crazy ride


I know that I still have a long time to go

Before I walk down that aisle to become Mrs. Kargbo


But my bridesmaid I really want to make ya

Please say “yes†and come to down Jamaica!



Rachael - (My other Best Friend who I met while teaching swim lessons (our boss' name was Chad))


Donâ€t look at me crazy, read this all the way through

Because my dear friend, I have something to ask you


We became friends in the pool through the cold and the heat

Weâ€ve even stayed close long after Saint Street


My question that I said that I have to ask

Isnâ€t for just some silly task


If you answer me “noâ€, Iâ€ll try not to be mad

I could never bring myself to act like a Chad


It would make me so happy if youâ€d be part of the show

As I say “I do†and become Mrs. Kargbo


My bridesmaid I really want to make ya.

Please say “yes†and come to Jamaica!


Kate - My FI's brother's wife (so my soon to be SIL)


I want you to know youâ€re important to me

Some day in the future, my kids†aunt you will be


We will be sisters in the days far ahead

That is all thanks to Dear Lesley and Ed


Tugg made a great choice when he chose his bride

And I would be honored to have you there by my side


As I take my turn doing something you know:

Changing my name to Mrs. Kargbo


My bridesmaid Iâ€d really like to make ya,

Please say “yes†and come with us to Jamaica!





Shelley - (My Sister)


From babies to teens to grown ups weâ€ve gone

Old ladies weâ€ll be, it wonâ€t be too long


Tigers and Vikings, Barbie Dolls, Barracudas

From sports teams to Girl Scouts, weâ€ve shared in some great loves


For lifeâ€s special moments, together weâ€ve been

Itâ€s no big surprise, itâ€ll happen again and again


I have a big day coming up soon you know

Itâ€s almost my time to be Mrs. Kargbo


I need my sister to be there by my side

As my Maid of Honor, and me as the bride


I know youâ€ll say “yesâ€, if you donâ€t Iâ€ll just take ya

All the way to my wedding, way down in Jamaica!




Angelique - (I didn't actually give this one out. She was my best friend from high school, but she ended our friendship when she got really drunk one night and I wouldn't let her drive. She bit me and called the cops on me for "stealing" her car keys. I just thought it would be funny to make this one.)


Our long term friendship has had its ups and its downs

There have been many smiles and even some frowns


I always knew, my bridesmaid youâ€d be

Whenever Ed asked to marry me


One day we went out for Long Island iced teas

You got so drunk that you feel to your knees


Our friendship changed from that day and on

Unfortunately now my best friend is gone


I wish I knew how to make everything right

If only you hadnâ€t delivered that bite!

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Thanks, y'all, I actually had been thinking in rhymes for so long while I was writing them that it was hard to stop. That's why I wrote the last one. And then when my FI came home, I was talking to him in rhyme. It got kind of annoying, but it faded away in about 2 days. Ha!

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