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Our engagement story!!

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On Christmas Eve (200cool.gif Dallas(future hubby) presented me with my last gift and it was a big and heavy box. I opened the box to find tons of tissue paper and another box(which were all duct taped closed). I proceeded to open the next box which was also full of tons of tissue paper and when I removed all the stuff the box was full of COAL. I sat there stunned for a moment. I have never received coal ever. Even though my Grandpa Oo Oo used to tease me about it when I was little. So I said "why would you give you me coal?".. sort of snarky, upset, and shocked but also laughing. I didnt even know how to react. And Dallas replied with "I thought you said you wanted a rock!" waited about 5 mins for the family to stop laughing etc and He then proceeded to stand up and pull the ring out of his pocket. He got down on one knee and asked "meagan, will you marry me?" I do not even remember saying yes! Dallas also had spoken with my parents the friday before asking for their permission! I stilll can not believe he walked around all day with the ring in his pocket!! and he didnt lose it! lol I still think about how quickly it happened and its crazy I waited for what feels like forever for him to ask and he finally did and I was TOTALLY caught off guard... and that was def. his goal!!! Love him! Cant wait to be married!!!! (6 months from today!)


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