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Wedding Day Schedule of Events

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Originally Posted by tad515 View Post
I actually really like the idea of the "informal meetup" in between the cocktail hour and dinner. That makes me want to have an earlier ceremony!
Yeah, I think it will be nice! I really was struggling for a while with what to do with such a large gap. I doubt people will stay the entire time, but I think it will be good to have a designated place for us to go hang out where the booze is a'flowin!!!

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We are getting married at 3:00 pm, with a champagne toast following. Photos after the ceremony so he doesn't see me in my dress before the wedding. Then a private beach party at 7:00 pm until I think 11:00 pm with dinner and dancing in the sand. I'm sure a bunch of us will head to the disco after that.


I am really liking the idea of the informal meet up in between too. I was wondering what to do with the extra time. Thank you :)


We are also thinking about doing a meet up on the first or second day in the lobby bar or something so the guests can be familiar with each other. Our close friends were at a DW and said since not everyone knew eachother, it would have been nice to know before the wedding who was part of the group.

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