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Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Brides??

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#281 smokey82

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    Posted 07 May 2011 - 03:40 AM

    Has anyone got any more info lately or any photos they can post 


    The tripadvisor reviews havnt been good lately 

    #282 Lesleyf

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      Posted 10 May 2011 - 07:26 AM


      My daughter is getting married at GS on 15th July.

      I have had no problems at all in contacting the wedding co-ordinator there and they have replied to my e-mails within a couple of days. They have been extremely helpful.

      We have booked the Presedential wedding package and have booked the Palapa for the reception - does anyone know if this package actually does guarantee that the bride and groom get the presedential suite ???

      Also - a question for previous brides - did you tip the wedding co-ordinators after the wedding if so and if you dont mind me asking approx how much do you think is suitable???

      Only 8 weeks til we leave and 9 weeks til the wedding.....   We're all getting excited.




      #283 ChristieG

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        Posted 10 May 2011 - 12:56 PM



        I tipped the wedding coordinator, we gave her $50 US we had planned on giving her $100 US but she left the wedding 2 hours before it was finished saying she would come back and never did. As a result my friends had to cary some stuff back to our room for us that I would have had the wedding coordinator take care of.

        #284 donnaalec11

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          Posted 10 May 2011 - 12:56 PM

          @lesley f


          I booked the presidential package but there is only 2 presidential suites and they are both booked.  So i would recommend booking one now if you can with Araceli.  I have got the mini suite instead which is lovely but not as nice as the presidential.  With sometimes 3 weddings per day you would think they would have more than 2 suites.


          I fly out 2 weeks today with my wedding on the 1st June.  so excited. 


          Good luck with everything. 

          #285 janette34

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            Posted 10 May 2011 - 04:02 PM

            Yippee, just heard back from the WC, our wedding has been confirmed for April 24, 2012!!

            #286 suemun

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              Posted 10 May 2011 - 05:27 PM

              We had the presidential suite with the presidential package, and there are only 2 presidential suites, so check with Araceli -  she is the one who arranged it for us.  I brought her a large bottle of Maple Syrup in a maple leaf shaped bottle (Canadian) but I didn't even think of giving her money. I also didn't realize there were actually 2 of them working on our wedding.   They - Araceli and Pamela, were both amazing.  They couldn't have been nicer.  The reception at the palapa was great.  Very private, steaks were cooked right under the hut, so you could smell them.  We chose to go with the soup, salad, main course and wedding cake for desert.  Araceli suggested that if we chose a dessert, the guests wouldn't eat the wedding cake - good call.  It was the best cake I have ever had. 


              Hope your daughters day is as special as my daughters was.  Araceli even ordered a full moon for us.  She is great. 

              #287 Lesleyf

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                Posted 11 May 2011 - 04:09 AM

                Thanks everyone for your replies.


                Donnaalec11 - Congragulations and have a wonderful wedding - i look forward to seeing your review when your back. 

                Janette 34 - Contratulations. 

                Suemon - Thanks so much for your reply.   I will definately e-mail Araceli re the Presedential suite. I take it you had to pay extra pp over 10 people for the beach menu for the Palapa.  Also do you have to pay extra pp for the wedding cake too or it that just included???  Also did you take your own decorations for the Palapa (i.e. table decs) or did they provide any????  Sorry for all the questions, only 8 weeks to go and feel that i am not at all organised.  Am doing it for my daughter as she is finishing her degree.  Really grateful for any info you have.





                #288 Shahlo

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                  Posted 11 May 2011 - 10:08 AM


                  Originally Posted by Kbodchill 

                  Yay!!! I'm officially booked for the January 19, 2012! Hope to see some of you brides there!



                  Congratulations! Our "unofficial day" for now is Jan 18, 2012!

                  #289 Shahlo

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                    Posted 11 May 2011 - 10:50 AM

                    Hi everyone,


                    Thank you so much for all of your posts and sharing your experiences with us new brides. We are getting married in January, 2012. Could anyone please share your pictures with me? We haven't been able to locate any GS pictures and we've never been to Mexico before. And if you can share any advice on what we should do or not do would be greatly appreciated!


                    Thank you!

                    #290 ChristieG

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                      Posted 11 May 2011 - 10:54 AM

                      I noticed a bunch of brides are considering skipping dessert and just going for the wedding cake. I thought I would share with you that our guests loved the dessert and they also ate the wedding cake. The dinner portions were smaller so it was nice having a couple extra treats at the end.


                      @LesleyF - We brought some of our own decorations. We brought hand made place cards and centerpieces for each table. We also brought photos for our guest sign in table and custom napkins that we used for our cocktail hour. I am so happy we brought these items as they made it more personal and feel like our wedding rather than just another wedding in the palapa. We gave all this to Aracelli the day before the wedding and she decorated for us. We also had her take the flowers used to decorate the ceremony location and she put them on our head table, the guest sign in table and the cake table.  



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