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  1. THanks so much for the heads up! We just ordered a bunch of hand sanitizers at 0.75 cents each! In tropical drink sents! Also used your code too! Thank you so much for posting!!
  2. Hi CanadBride 2011 and Lesley F! I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to write your detailed reviews of the weddings! It seems like the weddings are only getting better and better at Grand Sirenis!! I really appreciated your reviews! In other news... My finacé and I are legally hitched! We went home 2 weeks ago and had an intimate civil ceremony with only our immediate families. I wore a red, Chinese style dress and the ceremony was held in a park with asian gardens. Short and sweet, the ceremony lasted less than 10 minutes. Now... Countdown to Mexico for our
  3. Has anyone received email from the WCs lately? I recently re-sent an email that hadn't been responded to in over a month, and still nothing...
  4. Hi Jessica and Vero, I'm totally in the same boat....! We're actually flying home to Manitoba to get married with our families, but you're right, so long as we live here, and QC has issued all of our official ID documents (driver's licence, Health insurance card) we'll have to retain our maiden names. Boo! While I love living on this QC side (rather than Ontario) this is one law that I am not a fan of.
  5. Maybe maybe not, but you don't know unless you ask right? And remember... Money talks!
  6. @jacksongrl: No prob! @MJKH: Sorry for the delayed response! We've got house guests over and things are crazy over here! From the impression that I got, I believe there won't really be much of a rehersal (even at the `rehersal` dinner). I don`t think the planner goes to the dinner . I might be mistaken, but I think that they go over it with you when you meet with her to tie up all your loose ends prior to the wedding. This is fine with me, I just want things short and simple, personally From what I understand, what they'll give you is one dinner at an a la carte of your
  7. @jacksongrl: Hi there! When you first mentioned bars, my first thoughts were the beach and the poolbars, but this is really more of a daytime thing. If you were going for afternoon, I'd say the beach bar. For everning, I'd say the "Tequila" Lobby bar. While I do like the service at the Mezcal bar a bit better, I think there's more space on the Tequila side. (The Mezcal bar is almost underneath a spiral staircase so gets a bit cramped.
  8. @MJKH: We've talked to the coordinators about that and what they said was, welcome dinner = rehersal dinner. THey will set your whole group up in an a la carte but they told us they don't really book off whole thing. There will be people in the restaurant before and after you, probably. And since they're organizing everyone to be there for the rehersal I don't think they'd do it on another night... However, depending on your wedding size, if you choose a restaurant accordingly (some are smaller/larger than others) you can arrange it so that it's prettymuch only your wedding guests!
  9. I know the forum seems a bit slow this time of year... It's a bit hot for weddings! It's funny though, I swear, right now it's hotter here than in Mexico!
  10. Welcome Mrs. K! And congrats!!! You sound like my wedding twin! Ì`ve been twice already and our wedding will be our third trip! We're doing the presidential package and palapa and we're staying for two weeks, bringing our own photog! (and have about 60 people) I'm looking forward to hearing about your planning and, of course, the wedding itself! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Hi Kileelaine! Congratuations! Your review is very helpful and my fiancé and I loved your pictures! It's one thing to read all these reviews about the food, and the party, and the champagne and the ceremony, but it is a whole other thing to SEE the food, SEE the fun, SEE how happy you were! Might I just add, Kilee, that you looked GORGEOUS! Your photog was really superb too! One of our guests is doing the photography and I'm gonna show him these pics to give him an idea of what we're looking for. Looks like you had so much fun at the reception! I can't wait for ours!!
  12. @Donnaalec Congratulations Donna! And thank you so much for the detailed review! It sounds like everything was very well organized and ran smoothly for you! It's also good to hear reviews about the other WCs. I've only been dealing with Aracely so far so, it's good to know, in case Aracely is not available, that we'll be in good hands with the others! I will be friending you on FB, I can't wait to see your pics! COngrats again! Kara/ Kbod
  13. Very nice Marichu! The designs are very pretty! You did a really great job! I'm sure your guests will love them!!
  14. What a cute thread! All the brides on here are beautiful! Real women, real bodies, lovely ladies! Whenever I pick my dress, I'll definitely post!
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