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Dreams Punta Cana Wedding Review - Andrea & Jason

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hey Andrea,

Your review was one of the most details, so thanks for spending the time to write it out, it really helps the rest of us.


Im planning on getting married in may 2011, my cousin and myself are having a double wedding,  not on the same day but the same week.  Shes going first and then i follow two days later. 

I to have choosen the himitzu, she choose the le bordeaux terrace. I had a hard time picking

between both.

I wanted to ask you some questions about the food selection. I have choosen the Ultimate

package and I wanted to know if you remember what food you selected and was it good? tasty? btw our taste buds love spicy food.  How was the coctail food, I know in the ultimate you get 3 colds and 1 hot, im having a hard time picking which one i want.


What about the decor, did you find it basic? did you upgrade?

what about entertainment for your reception or dj, band etc? did you go with anything or was it just a dinner reception?


sorry for asking so many questions : ) but any info will help thx.

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Hi ACH2009,


I am getting married at Dreams in 2012 and wanted to find out how you felt about the times ... I have a 6:00 o clock ceremony which means 7 o clock cocktails then dinner at 8 and the whole thing as to be done by 11.... What time was yours and did you feel it was good enough time wish you had more? .. HELP!

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Your review was wonderful and thank you for including so much detail! My wedding is a few short weeks away and I'm trying to iron out last minute details and FREAKING OUT doing so!

Can you answer a few questions for me please?


Did you find the Himitisu Terrace to be hot and uncomfortable? We originally wanted to reserve the Himitisu restaurant for our reception however, we have too many guests coming and the restaurant cannot accomodate. I'm so concerned that it will be hot and uncomfortable and noone will enjoy themselves.


We are having 80 people attending our wedding and are forced to choose a buffet style. We were going to go with the Ultimate Wedding package being that it offered the most. I see you and your husband chose the Complimentary Wedding package, had a large number of guests as well, and just added on . Would you suggest us doing the same?


How many bridesmaids did you have? I have 7 and I'm finding it hard to coordinate their hair for the day of the wedding. My aunt is a hair dresser and is willing to do some of our hair, however I believe we are forced to that in someone's room. Would you advise that I reserve some spots at the salon for a few girls or maybe all of them?


The chairs at the reception are plastic? The wedding planner sent me options to pay $20 (each chair) for a fancier chair. What did you guys do? Were they comfortable? I would have them covered and add a bow to make them pretty.


I noticed you mentioned that you had a Gazeebo ceremony. We wanted a beach ceremony and we didn't want to wear shoes during it. Did you wear shoes in the Gazeebo? Hearing that the beach is rocky and the water is not crystal clear, I'm now worried about a beach wedding ceremony.


I appreciate all of your help!!!

Look forward to hearing from you!!




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Hi, I read your review and was wondering if you had an option of a dj or you just used your music that you downloaded and whatever sound system the resort had available? Also did they have open bar?  I see most resorts only offer champagne (limited bottles).  The only resort I have seen with the bar included during cocktail and dinner has been the paradisus.  How big was your wedding party?  I see the dinner reception states up to 20 guests, was wondering if you had additional and just paid an extra fee.  Thank you in advance for your response.  I am recently engaged and I am pricing out the resorts and right now its between dreams and paradisus.  Harder than I thought.

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