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Color switch....

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So I think I have to throw in a new color or change it up a little bit... My FI really wants to wear these Tommy Bahama burnt orange shirts, and let me start by saying- I do love orange. However, I don't really want it for a Dec wedding, even though DW Brides can break any and all rules wink.gif


I love my original colors: slate grey, little bit of silver/sparkle, and ivory. So I was thinking of even having the guys wear black shirts - dress it up a bit, but now I'm thinking of what color could I add if my FI wants to wear color....

I thought of fuschia already and i do love green and I know green can go with grey - but I'm trying to figure out how my centerpieces will work with either of those..

If anyone has inspirational pics, send them my way please! any suggestions are welcomed!

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Hey Jillian, I think adding some accents is a great idea! Have you checked out The Perfect Palette? Here's the link to the blog & there are a TON of great inspiration boards featuring every color. It's cool to see what other people have come up with, some of the combos are so pretty & unexpected - I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

Main blog:

The Perfect Palette


Here's the link to the ones they've done with gray as one of the main colors

The Perfect Palette: Gray

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