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Cheap Totes.com questions....

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I'm really sorry if someone already answered this, but I did do a search for threads, and really didn't see anything that answered my questions....


Does anyone have a sample of their tote from cheaptotes.com? Did you use a screen logo?

I was thinking of using a screen logo for the bags, it will still make the bags only $2.30 or so, if I'm reading the website correctly.


Also, anyone have a really cute/unique/funny idea for something to put on the bags? I don't want to put our wedding and names on it, because I want our guests to use it, so I was going to put Puerto Vallarta...Fun in the sun...and the date or something like that, but now I'm trying to think of something really funny or cute to put on it. Any ideas?....


Thanks brides!


PS. thanks for the great website! I'm not ordering my bags yet, bc I dont know how many people are coming, but I'm def going to use this company! Great prices!

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I know that a few BDW brides had screen printed images onto their OOT bags from Cheaptotes.


I just found this thread where Starchild mentions that she went with screening. You may want to PM her & see if she posted pics of her bags:



There are also some pics of bags in that thread where iron-ons were used.


In terms of what to put on the bag, why not use the same monogram that you already have in your siggy, but without your names?

Sarah made my monogram as well, which is similar to yours, but I had her make 2, one with our names & one without but it said Ocho Rios, Jamaica instead. Thats always an option. I do like what you already came up with...PV...fun in the sun..cute!

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Thank you so much! I did PM her! I can't believe what a good deal they are! So excited to order them..just have to wait to see how many guests are coming. Thanks for the tips on the logo!

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