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Gansevoort - Turks and Caico; Anyone getting married there?

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Originally Posted by CnC View Post
Wondering if anyone has been to or getting married at Gansevoort - Turks and Caico? Any opinions?
Welcome to the forum!...Karol, a member of this forum had a beautiful wedding at Gansevoort back in April. I'll try to post the link to her planning thread/blog:

Karol has been very helpful answering questions about the venue and I'm sure she will be happy to answer more questions for you also. I hope this helps!

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The Gansevoort is the newest resort on island and its a beautiful resort. We've just finished the commercial photography for all of their promotions and my husband has been called out a number of times to shoot all of the celebrities coming down there.


Karol (referenced above) has a lot of information on this forum re: her planning and wedding there and actually she has had the only wedding there so far. (Although I know they would love to have more there) Really nice property and they are handling a lot of events/parties recently for the island as well. Our annual Red cross silent auction and dinner was there last month (a big event on island) amongst others.


Check out Karol's planning and that can give you a feel for it. Once we get our recent shoot of the property on our blog I'll post the link.



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