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BDW Lottery!!

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What did I say Sarah.. :-)


Congrats.. yet again, and I'll go ahead and tell you congrats for tomorrows lotto as well since I'm sure you win that one as well.. lol.. Man you really do need to hit the Casino's in detroit.

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Originally Posted by TAMMYM View Post
OK I'm going to buy 5 daily tickets.. Now I haven't seen Sarah online yet so maybe I have a chance of winning this time...
lol, nope Tammy I was sleeping all day, and now I'm on my way out to door to work. I purposefully didn't buy any tonight, hoping you will winsmile29.gif

Christa- it's funny you say that because I tried my luck out with $10 worth of lottery tickets at the gas station the other day (I NEVER buy lottery tickets). Well, I didn't win anything so I guess my luck is only good here!

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