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Leah's Royal PDC Review May6, 2009

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Leahâ€s Wedding Review

The Royal PDC May 6, 2009

6:00pm at the gazebo


Resort: We definitely made the correct choice. I especially wanted my family and friends to be impressed with the resort and The Royal did not disappoint. Let me start off by saying that the Swine Flu was probably on our side and worked to our advantage the entire trip. Capacity was never over 38% the entire week so we had impeccable service. We had reserved an Oceanview room before arrival, hoping to get our free upgrade. We could not upgrade until we had spoken with our WC and she got us the upgrade to an Oceanfront room. All rooms are almost exactly the same, but with different views. We had nightly turndown service and we ordered room service for breakfast quite often. There was only one occasion where we had to wait over 30 minutes for our food. You can choose from a pillow menu if you like a certain pillow and they have aromatherapy oils that smell pretty good.

My family and friends were in awe the entire time of their stay. They couldnâ€t stop saying how amazing everything was. My aunt and uncle have traveled to a lot of places, including Paris, and they said that theyâ€ve never experienced a place like this before. The food was very good everywhere. We never had a bad meal. Chefâ€s Plate was very impressive. We caught a tuna while deep sea fishing and Pelicanos cooked it for us for lunch on our wedding day. It was fantastic; the best tuna I ever had.

My parents were so excited over this place; they bought a timeshare the morning after we arrived! They want to come back every year! We decided to honeymoon in Cancun at the Royal so we could compare it to the Royal in Playa. We liked Playa better because the food was better, the service was so much more personable, and the environment was more inviting. The beach is big, lots of chairs, and lots of soft sand. Itâ€s a beautiful resort.


Airport Transfers: USA Transfers. I feel that we received a great deal through this shuttle service. We had 8 of us arriving to Cancun at the same time and the price for a round trip private shuttle was $125. It went straight to the resort and the driver even offered to stop for beer. The ride took about 45 minutes. We were very happy with them.


Check-in: Checking in was a bit confusing for the staff because there were 4 couples and we had all checked in online the previous day. Some of us had the same last names and that appeared to make things confusing for them. They greeted us with cold towels and a drink. The bell boys divided up our luggage and carted it to our rooms for us. The concierge helped to explain the amenities of the resort, such as the restaurant hours and dress codes.


Wedding Coordinator: Zulma Dominguez. She is the sweetest woman ever. I heard that there should be no worries before you arrive at the resort and everyone was right. She had everything together. We had our blood samples taken ($170) and chose our flowers and cake. Zulma took the CD we made for our song choices for before and after the ceremony. I recommend putting together a collection of at least 10 songs because your guest will have something to listen to while they wait for the ceremony to begin and for music while photos are being taken. It would be a good idea to keep your witnesses at hand when you meet with your WC because they have to sign documents and show their passports. The day of the ceremony, Zulma came to my hair appointment to deliver my bouquet and came to my room before I walked down the aisle.


Ceremony: Civil. We chose the civil ceremony at 6:00 pm with a judge located at the gazebo. The judge was a very nice woman and spoke very good English. The steps were difficult to ascend because the red carpet makes the steps shorter. My dad really had to help to prevent me from stepping on the hem of my dress and falling on my face. The judge had a very nice reading and the ceremony seemed as if it lasted between 15-20 minutes. You have to put a finger print on the documents and sign them, along with your witnesses. I loved the time we chose because it wasnâ€t really hot and the sun was beautiful. The gazebo was a perfect location. There didnâ€t appear to be many onlookers and gawkers on the beach. When I was walking down the path through the garden with my dad, there were some people watching from their balconies. The said, “congratulations†or “you look beautifulâ€. I really didnâ€t mind that they were watching. I asked Zulma how much it would cost to get the marriage certificate translated to English and she told me the Mexican Consulate charges $150. I decided to get that done back home.


Photography: Cecilia Dumas. I had read many review of her work here on BDW, so I was convinced that she was going to be perfect. Communicating with her my email throughout the planning process was easy and helpful. I was very excited to meet her. Sheâ€s very friendly, cute, and energetic. I was extremely nervous while getting my hair done in the salon. I didnâ€t want my mom with me because then Iâ€d be all emotional. Cecilia arrived and kept me company in the salon, while taking pictures. She noticed my nervousness and did a great job distracting me. I donâ€t know what I would have done if she wasnâ€t there to keep me company. While taking photos, she is very easy to follow. She seemed to have good ideas for amazing photo opportunities. Cecilia is also very open to your ideas and must have pictures. She knew that we were honeymooning in Cancun, so she dropped our pictures at the resort. We looked at them for hours. They are that amazing. We paid the extra $200 for a copy of the pictures on a CD. Well worth it. There are so many pictures that she takes, it was nice to see them all. I enjoyed how she would get an amazing photo and sheâ€d get excited and just have to show us it on her camera. She is worth every penny. I canâ€t stop looking at my photos!


Videography: Benjamin Solis. We chose to get a video made at the last minute. Cecilia offered a discount if we booked photography and video together. We had to email Benjamin our songs after the wedding. We just received our video in the mail yesterday and we loved it. He did an excellent job. I definately recommend him.


Reception: Gazebo. We chose one of the new wedding packages that allowed us to pay extra for a private 3 hour reception. We saw a wedding dinner set up in the gazebo the night we arrived and thought it looked gorgeous. When we met with Zulma, we chose our entrees and cake flavor. We received a 4 course meal that included a shrimp salad, asparagus soup, seafood stuffed chicken breast, and strawberry pie dessert. We chose a tres leches cake and it was big enough to feel 20 people. Everyone though it was very good. They set up a private bar, sound system, and light up dance floor. I had my Ipod hooked up to play music on shuffle. It was really amazing and very fun. The service they gave us that evening was first class. Excellent, excellent.


Rehearsal Dinner: Maria Marie. With our new wedding package, we could have a special dinner in one of the restaurants anytime during our stay. We chose to have a dinner the day before our wedding in Maria Marie. This place is beautiful and the service was exceptional. We chose our food from a set menu when we met with Zulma. We had spinach soufflé, tenderloin steak, and nutella chocolate cannoli for dessert. All of the food was amazing as well as the restaurant environment.


Flowers: Bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece for altar. I chose white calla lilies for my bouquet and the boutonniere and a centerpiece for the altar that included birds of paradise, ginger, roses, and oriental lilies. It was absolutely gorgeous. I got the inspiration from the extremely large flower arrangement in the lobby. I looked at the photos that Zulma had for bouquet choices. I wanted the calla lilies, but didnâ€t like the green leaves around the flowers. I asked Zulma if they could leave those off and they did. I liked them better without all the green. They took a bunch of lilies and tied them up with a white ribbon. You can choose which color of ribbon you want.


Hair and make-up: Rosa from the resort salon and Erica from MAC on 5th Ave. Zulma booked me a hair appointment when I met with her for the day of the wedding. I took a shower, walked to 5th Ave. to the Ultrafemme where MAC is, and got my makeup done. I got back to the resort at 3:40 and went straight to get my hair done. I had a make-up trial a couple days before and liked it a lot. Erica does a really good job and she asks you how youâ€d like to look. Rosa did an excellent job on my hair, despite the language barrier. One of the spa people came in to translate. I was told that the salon had pictures so that you can show them exactly how you want your hair. I found that the only pictures they had were from high class bridal magazines. I had to ask my mom to bring down the pictures I brought, “just in caseâ€. Thank goodness I had them, or I may not have liked my hair. Cecilia also helped me explain to Rosa how I wanted my hair. She was such a big help. My hair and make-up stayed fresh throughout the evening, even through the wind. Part of my curls did fall a little flat, but it didnâ€t look bad.


Overall, my wedding was everything I wanted and more. I would definitely recommend the Royal to any couple looking for a place to get married. They do a fantastic job and will cater to your every need. I canâ€t wait to go back.

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Really sounds wonderful Leah! COngrats! I am looking forward to getting married at the Royal now even more! Any key differences you could highlight of what you saw/experienced for the reception on the beach vs. at the gazebo?

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