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  1. I bought these 2 summers ago for my destination wedding but only wore once as I went barefoot and took my 'just married' flip flop for photos. They were getting caught up in my dress in the sand. (Didn't wear them last summer either thanks to my swollen pregnant feet.) So, looking to sell them since they no longer fit me. These new retail for about $140 USD, but I got them for $100. Letting them go for $55 plus shipping. The 3" heel and 1" platform would be comfy for reception/dancing if you already have 3" strappy for the ceremony.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Simistar I'm not sure but I think this is the abandoned mansion that's right next to Secrets Maroma... If you walk out onto the Secrets Maroma Beach and turn right, it's about a two minute walk next door... I never went in it though b/c it looked super creepy, haha!:-) But after seeing these pics, I wish we had:-) Thanks ladies for all the compliments and well wishes Yes, Simistar is correct. It's the abandoned mansion to the right of SMB. My hubby and I walked through it before the wedding and since no one was there and it was so dramatic we r
  3. Thanks for all the lovely compliments ladies. For anyone considering Secrets, it's a great choice. The resort is well spaced out but not too big. During our stay most guests were couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary.
  4. Madalene & Jesse Secrets Maroma Beach Resort & Spa July 25, 2009 I'm back and it's time to share my review on our wonderful wedding. We chose a destination wedding to avoid the big traditional wedding, and we celebrated just the two of us! Hopefully this helps those couples out there considering a 'just us' wedding. Getting There: We flew with US Airways and I carried my dress onboard (with my purse and a carry on luggage). I stowed my dress in the overhead bin and it was fine. To get to the hotel we used Grayline Transfer, it was a collective shuttle included wit
  5. Congrats Desiree! Wish you and Tyler all the best
  6. Hi ebeth! Congrats and welcome back! It's great to hear that everything went well. FH and I are getting married at SMB next weekend
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnaC I like 6 the most. #3 is second. I have to agree!
  8. brand new still in the bag : sundress
  9. Thanks for the suggestions ladies.
  10. Congrats Kristie and thanks for sharing a great review. Your sister took some awesome pictures.
  11. Congrats Ash and thanks for the great review. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Last time I was in Cayo Santa Maria there were only 2 hotels. It's a beautiful area.
  12. My FH got me a blue swarovski crystal necklace for my b-day that I'll be wearing for our wedding. Jewellery - Pierced Earrings - Gisele Blue Set
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