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Hey girls,


The husband and I decided for our anniversary next year we want to do an AI. We've never done one before so we're not sure where we even want to go!


He has stated he doesn't want to go to Mexico or DR. I would love to do Cuba, obviously that's out of the question!


I'm leaning towards Puerto Rico or St. Lucia. Could anyone give us names of a few different resorts they would suggest? I want to start researching now, this way towards the end of summer we can figure it out and put a deposit down.



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I would highly recommend working wiith a TA or you may find that your AI vacation may not be everything that you envison or include exactly what you what you want.


Check out my article about AI's here:http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t14194




Keep in mind that the lower the price-generally the lower the options and quality of what is offered!

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